Branch Hospice Aide

Branch Hospice Aide

U.S. Medical Management (USMM) is an affiliate of a leading Fortune 100 company. A national organization built on a continuum of care with premier healthcare providers, clinicians and patient focused individuals working together. Our Mission – “Through Compassionate Patient-Centered Care in the Home; We will Provide Exceptional Outcomes across our Continuum of Services” – Visiting Physicians Association, Pinnacle Senior Care, Grace Hospice, Comfort Hospice, Home DME & our In Home Health Assessments (IHA).

Our Values of Integrity, Respect, Teamwork & Excellence are leading us to a better tomorrow for patient care. Our Purposes Centered on “We are Unified in our Work through our Continuum of Services” “We can Find Comfort that We are Making a Difference for our Patients” & “We make a Broader Positive Impact on Society”, allows USMM to be poised for a phenomenal future.

We are seeking candidates who desire the experience of delivering quality & compassionate healthcare within proven care models with patients at the forefront of everything we do.

Position Description

The Branch Hospice Aide is a non-professional employee trained to provide personal care and related services in the home for the sick or disabled.  The Hospice Aide functions under the direct supervision of a registered nurse or a physical therapist to assist the patient to perform on 2 or more ADL's.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

During each visit, the Hospice Aide:

  • Shall obtain vital signs, record and notify the primary RN of deviations according to standard practice
  • The Hospice Aide shall provide assistance with at least 2 of the following ADL's
  • Personal hygiene (Example: bathing, grooming, hair care, shaving, deodorant application, skin care with lotions and/or powder, foot care, and ear care. 
  • Q-tips are not to be used;
  • Nail care and oral hygiene, which are needed to facilitate treatment or prevent deterioration (nail cutting will NOT be done; and filing will NOT be done, if patient is diabetic);
  • Changing bed linens and making bed;
  • Eating and maintaining adequate nutrition and fluid intake when appropriate;
  • Dressing (clothes);
  • Ambulation and transfers (For Example: Assisting patients to the toilet/commode or with bedpans and with elimination needs, assisting patients in and out of bed, assisting with ambulation, and assisting with other transfers and positional needs as appropriate);
  • Incidental household services, which are essential to patient health care (for example, light housekeeping, straightening room, and laundry);
  • Assisting with prescribed exercises, which the hospice aide and the patient have been taught by a health professional agent (employee) of the Agency;
  • May hand patient prepared medications
  • May empty or change a colostomy bag after receiving direction from RN
  • Will understand and apply basic infection control principles and procedures
  • Will contact supervisor with any concerns related to infection control
  • Will follow the Plan of Care (Instruction Sheet) as instructed by Agency's health care professional
  • Will document appropriately according to the Plan of Care and submit all documentation per agency policy
  • Will keep a record of hospice aide Plan of Care for each patient assigned
  • Will observe physical and gross behavioral changes in the patient's condition or family situation and report to the registered nurse
  • Will follow the visit schedule and indicate changes in schedule as appropriate
  • Will promptly contact patients and an Agency supervisor whenever unable to visit a patient as scheduled and will give full report to covering aides concerning patient care, visit times, etc. Will give patient name of covering hospice aide
  • Will communicate appropriately with patient/family and Agency personnel
  • Will attend required in-services and meetings as identified by the Agency (must have 12 hours of In-service per year)
  • Will adhere to Agency's Policies and Procedures
  • Will perform other duties as assigned
  • Will participate in Performance Improvement activities as indicated

The Hospice Aide WILL NOT do the following:

  • Irrigate body cavities such as giving an enema;
  • Irrigate a colostomy or wound;
  • Perform a gastric lavage or gavage;
  • Catheterize a patient;
  • Administer medications;
  • Apply heat by any method;
  • Care for a Tracheostomy tube;
  • Cut nails;
  • File nails; if patient is diabetic, and;
  • Provide any personal health service, which has not been included by the health care professional (employee) in the patient care plan

REQUIRED Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Are certified nurses aides (CNA). Effective for services furnished after August 14, 1990, a person who has successfully completed a State-established or other training program that meets the federal requirements of §484.76(a) and a competency evaluation program or State licensure program that meets the federal requirements of §484.76(b), or a competency evaluation program or State licensure program that meets the federal requirements of §484.36(b). An individual is not considered to have completed a training and competency evaluation program, or a competency evaluation program if, since the individual's most recent completion of this program(s), there has been a continuous period of twenty four (24) consecutive months during none of which the individual furnished services described in  §409.40 of the federal regulations for compensation.
  • Must maintain a valid driver's license and good driving record
  • Is able to meet certain physical demands of standing, bending, lifting, stooping or performing other work requiring light physical exertion (up to 30 pounds) on a continuous basis (over 50% of time); or moderate physical exertion (30 to 50 pounds) on a frequent basis (16 to 50% of time); or heavy physical exertion on an occasional basis (up to 15% of time).
    • A Hospice Aide may be used by the agency providing licensed hospice services if the aide meets one of the following requirements:
      • A minimum of one year full-time experience in direct client care in an institutional setting (hospital or nursing facility);
      • One year full-time experience within the last five years in direct client care in an agency setting;
      • Satisfactorily completed a training and competency evaluation program that complies with the requirements of this section;
      • Satisfactorily completed a competency evaluation program that complies with the requirements of this section;
      • Submitted to the agency documentation from the director of programs or the dean of a school of nursing that states that the individual is a nursing student who has demonstrated competency in providing basic nursing skills in accordance with the school’s curriculum; or
      • A Hospice Aide must have provided hospice services within the previous 24 months to qualify under subsection (a)(3) or (4) of this section
      • Agree to undergo supplemental training by Agency personnel, as may be required by the Agency
    • Attends staff meetings and educational in-services per agency requirements
    • Have completed the 9th grade, with ability to read and write at an adequate level.  High school graduates or GED preferred
    • Have an interest in and a sympathetic attitude toward caring for the sick at home.
    • Have the emotional maturity necessary for establishing and maintaining a good rapport with patient and family members
    • Demonstrate the ability to be able to work within a multi-disciplinary team setting
    • Demonstrate the ability to work in field situations and navigate within assigned districts
    • Have and maintain an automobile to be used for work
    • Have the ability to meet the physical demands of the job
    • Have satisfactorily passed Agency pre-employment testing which will include a written and performance evaluation
    • Must inform all employees and cooperate and coordinate to assure highest performance of quality when providing services to the beneficiary
    • Is prohibited from simultaneous/concurrent employment

Preferred Experience, Skills & Knowledge

  • Certified Hospice and Palliative Nursing Assistant (CHPNA) through HPNA
  • EMR Experience

Full time
Salary Range
$29,000.00 - 39,000.00
per Year
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Flint, MI 48507, US
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