Powerplay - Product Analyst - R/Python

About us :

Powerplay (getpowerplay.in) is Slack for Construction Industry that helps construction project owners and contractors track on-site progress in real-time to finish projects on time and in the budget. We aim to bring the speed of software development to infrastructure development.

Founded by IIT Roorkee alumni and backed by industry experts, we are on a mission to help the second largest industry in India-Construction make a transition from pen and paper to digital.

About The Team :

As a productivity app startup, we value productivity and ownership the most. That helps raise our own bar and the bar of people we hire.

We follow agile and scrum approaches for product development and use best-of-class tools and practices. Measuring our progress on a weekly basis and iterating fast enables us to build breakthrough modules and features rapidly.

If you join us, You will be constantly thrown into difficult situations. Decisions that you take, will directly impact our clients and sales. That's how we learn.

What will you do :

- Drive the business proactively through insights to identify product opportunities and threats

- Own the quantitative and qualitative narratives of the business function that enable the overall health

- Identify the input levers and design the appropriate outcome metrics in order to achieve optimization and efficient functioning of product

- Tackle problems in creative and logical ways and consistently brainstorm alternative solutions

- Deeply understand what matters most to members and use these insights to improve the user experience

- Create effective working relationships with stakeholders by managing objectives and expectations and drive data-centered decisions

You should apply if you :

- Hold 1-4 years of experience analyzing product and business using analytical and problem-solving skills

- Are strong with first principle thinking and applying analytics to real-life business problems

- Exhibit excellent storytelling abilities and are able to connect the dots to explain the essence to the stakeholders

- Have the ability to comprehend the power of analytics as not just a support function but also as an enabling charter that deserves a front seat vision

- Are an expert in extracting the descriptive and predictive insights from data

- Are fluent in sql or any relational database with experience working on large datasets and pipelines; alternatively, R/Python are good to have

- Possess adept knowledge of reporting dashboards that give timely relevant insights

- Belong to the school of thought to create and leverage analytical frameworks

- Have subscribed and champion every analysis within the realm of quality, delivery and reliability

- Are able to access, analyze and resolve complicated issues, and distill that complexity into simple and concise communication

Bangalore, KA, IN
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