EHS Intern

Visual Job Safety Analysis/PPE & Ergo Assessment Project (Safety)

  • Work with associates and supervisors to generate new VJSA’s as needed for missing or new processes in various departments. Print and assemble binders for each department containing the applicable VJSA’s and PPE Assessments and provide to area supervisor.
  • Assist work areas with review of updated VJSA’s with all affected employees and obtain signatures.
  • Remove all old JSA’s from the floor. Make recommendations and observations as appropriate throughout the process (i.e. if the intern observes a hazard or regulatory violation).

Chemical Inventory (Safety/Environmental)

  • Update the chemical inventory for chemicals present in all departments. Ensure that our MSDSOnline eBinder contains an updated SDS for each chemical on the inventory list. Archive any old SDS’s found in the eBinder.

ZWTL (Zero Waste to Landfill) Enhancement Project (Environmental)

  • Develop and conduct inspections to ensure that recycling guidelines are being followed. Create a monthly recycling scorecard for data analysis.
  • Update all recycling signage and determine gaps in work cells and at collection points where various containers may be needed/upgraded. Train associates on recycling guidelines if any gaps are identified.



Full time
Salary Range
$24,000.00 - 38,000.00
per Year
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Asheville, NC, US
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