General Maintenance - Facilities - Part Time

Maintenance Worker

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

Under the general supervision of the Plant Operations Manager, the Maintenance Worker is responsible for performing routine building maintenance tasks, general cleaning, bed/equipment transportation and cleaning equipment between patients. Demonstrates knowledge of electrical and fire safety, understands basic principles and practices of general cleaning, standard precautions, use of personal protective equipment and safe use of chemical cleaners.

Projects a professional demeanor and appearance while maintaining the confidentiality of patients, coworkers, and facility information and adhering to the HIPAA policy.  Reports, in good faith, any known or suspected activity that appears to violate laws, rules, regulations or the SP Code of Conduct.  Fulfills annual Healthstream continuing education requirements.

Personal attributes include the ability to be self-directed; demonstrates accountability, professionalism, and receptiveness to change; seeks guidance, direction, and assistance when needed.  Works under stress and in situations that demand patience, stamina, endurance, and tact while providing impeccable service.  Fosters an attitude of teamwork and willingness to assist others and does not refuse performing other job duties as requested.  Sets priorities, responds timely to issues, which require a decision, and ensure desired results are achieved by means of consistent follow through.

Necessary Attributes:

  • Able to work independently and meet established deadlines.
  • Able to make sound reasonable decisions.
  • Highly organized with ability to concentrate on many detailed requests despite numerous interruptions.
  • Demonstrates accountability, professionalism, openness, receptiveness to change. Displays creativity and innovation.
  • Ability to identify and calmly handle inherently stressful situations with tact.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Ability to develop excellent working relationships with consumers and staff.
  • Seeks guidance, direction and assistance when needed


Patient Population:

The patient population served by South Texas Spine & Surgical Hospital is a minimum of 12 years and/or of adult stature to geriatric patients requiring or seeking pain and/or surgical intervention.

Physical Requirements:

May be expected to lift up to 50 pounds or up to 150 pounds with assistance.  May be expected to push or pull 150-300 pounds with assistance.  Work is of medium demand; walking or standing most of the time while on duty.  Visual and auditory acuity and manual dexterity essential to performing designated duties required.  Optimal auditory acuity required.  Manual dexterity involving the handling of equipment and instruments or armamentarium is essential to performing assigned duties.  Physical conditions are clean, neat and well lit.  May be subjected to unpleasant sights and odors, stressful situations, hazardous or infectious agents where judgment as to precautions needed to be taken is essential.  Climate control and ambient temperature variances may be experienced and required by patient care and needs of the surgical team.  Exposure to limited amounts of radiation, hazardous chemicals and infectious disease processes are a possibility.  Hours of duty may be irregular or unexpectedly extended due to the requirements of the job.

OSHA Exposure Classification: Job Category III.  Task/activities do not entail predictable or unpredictable exposure to blood or other body fluids to which universal precautions apply. Qualifications:
  • Demonstrates eligibility for employment in the U.S.
  • High School graduate or GED equivalent
  • Experience in medical facilities or related area preferred
  • Must be able to work flexible hours
  • Knowledge of Joint Commission, NFPA, OSHA, preferred
  • Knowledge of commonly used concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field
  • Demonstrated skills in verbal and written English communications for safe and effective use of chemicals cleaning agents and safety instructions
  • Demonstrates ability to comprehend written and oral instructions
  • Willingness to participate in goal-setting and educational activities for own professional advancement
  • Must be computer literate with basic fundamental computer skills that are required to perform essential job related duties
Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Adheres to staffing schedules and attendance policy and cooperates with daily assignments as requested
  2. Demonstrates skills as a team player and shows a willingness to assist others
  3. Demonstrates ability to solve problems timely and constructively; maintains focus on improving the situation and not personalities; gathers facts before reacting.
  4. Participates in staff meetings for department and facility at regular intervals for informative and educational purposes


  1. Demonstrates highly effective communication skills with staff, management, physicians, patients, and family members
  2. Establishes and maintains exceptional services to all customers including physicians, patients, and employees with the goal of delighting all customers
  3. Models appropriate interaction with physicians, patients and staff to ensure high level of service in all areas of responsibility
  4. Assists with transporting of equipment in a safe and exceptional manner
  5. Communicates issues to manager in a timely manner


  1. Ensures that beds and equipment are available for daily surgeries
  2. Performs minor electrical maintenance to include but not be limited to replacement or repair of fixtures (e.g. wall switches and outlets, incandescent and fluorescent bulbs and tubes, ballast, sockets, fuses, minor appliances, cords, etc.) using appropriate hand, power and specialty tools.
  3. Performs minor plumbing maintenance (e.g. replacement or repair of leaks in drains and faucets, unclogging of drains, trenching and laying new lines, replacing drain hoses on washers and similar devices, etc.).
  4. Performs minor painting, carpentry and masonry work (e.g. preparing surfaces and using brush, sprayer, or roller to apply paints, stains, and varnishes, hanging doors, fitting locks and handles, etc.).
  5. Reconfigures, installs, positions, and remounts modular offices and space (e.g. furniture, wall panels, work surfaces, storage bins, lighting, file cabinets, etc.) to accommodate user needs and maximize office space using various hand, power and specialty tools, dollies and hand trucks.
  6. Prepares the surfaces and paints various structures and equipment (e.g. walls, refrigerators, evaporative coolers, floors, roofs, doors, restroom facilities, etc.) to preserve wood and metal parts from corrosion and maintain a safe, comfortable working environment using various painting equipment and related tools (e.g. sprayers, rollers, brushes, thinners, etc.).
  7. Clean rooms, hallways, lobbies, lounges, rest rooms, corridors, elevators, stairways, parking lots, and other work areas.


  1. Conserves resources and minimizes cost when possible
  2. Participates and assists with implementation of cost saving initiatives for the department
  3. Communicates ideas for cost containment and reducing expense
  4. Uses time wisely and flexible with hours; overtime is below established benchmarks


  1. Through competency, continuous learning and customer service, contributes to the growth of the facility
Salary Range
$46,000.00 - 85,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
San Antonio, TX 78201, US
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