Supervisor, Transportation

JOB SUMMARY / GENERAL DESCRIPTION: This position is responsible for establishing and maintaining a smooth operation of the Transportation Department and helps provide 24-hr coverage. Provides general supervision of all transportation drivers and administrative staff. Primary responsibility is to make sure that all Teammates are on the job at the start of the shift or at the scheduled dispatch time. This position involves the planning, directing, and coordination of all delivery and backhaul activities, and must keep product moving smoothly, accurately, and efficiently.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS / PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: Other duties may be assigned. A teammate in this position must have the ability to:  Direct and motivate Teammates.  Report any accidents or unsafe conditions to the Transportation Manager and the Safety Manager.  Be responsible for compliance and knowledge with Federal Department of Transportation regulations and other safety standards. Maintain fleet in a safe manner in accordance with company and governmental standards.  Keep all mistakes and waste to a minimum and check to make sure that routes are properly set up.  Maintain effective and timely scheduling of Transportation Teammates, current week and following week schedules should always be posted with a working copy available by request for the next week.  Facilitate communication within the management team and between the Teammates and management.  Monitor all scheduled tasks to ensure that they are efficiently completed.  Provide training as needed to maintain an efficient and knowledgeable work force.  Enforce general company policies and issuance of coaching/disciplinary documentation to Teammates, final written warning and termination will be presented for approval to the Transportation Manager and/or the Human Resources Manager.  Be responsible for productivity data including but not limited to unload rates, routes, stops, and pieces; timely scheduling of all routes for “on-time” departures; on-time customer deliveries.  Be able to interpret the Teammate Handbook.  Have knowledge of backhaul and transfer procedures.  Provide departmental coverage and leadership and maintain level of managerial professionalism at all times.  Assist the Assistant Transportation Manager and/or Transportation Manager with research and development of new techniques and procedures to increase the efficiency of any transportation operation.  Provide additional assistance with projects and other activities as assigned.

McLane Company
Full time
Pharr, TX 78577, US