Job Title - Moderator

Duration- Long Term Contract

Location: 100% Remote

Job Description:

Help educate Apple employees about machine learning. Contribute to a program that helps engineers learn to build amazing user experiences powered by machine learning. Work with people who create ground breaking technology that supports machine learning at scale. Join the AI/ML team at client office. Client is looking for teaching assistants (TAs) to collaborate with course facilitators in supporting Apple's internal AI education program. This role will allow the candidate to continue to build machine learning expertise, while learning how to motivate others and provide guidance in their education.
Key Qualifications

  • Teaching experience (at any level, Teaching Assistantship a plus)
  • Experience in regression, clustering, and classification model building
  • Experience with machine learning outside of a classroom setting
  • Ability to work independently
  • Proficient in Python
  • Professional communication and presentation skills
Seattle, WA 98127, US