Principle Data Scientist

Synergy Technologies seek Remote Data Scientist/Engineer with Financial Services experience.  Must have DevOps, Algorithm, Machine Learning and Data Sciences.  

• Analyze and understand the business model, profile/analyze the data stored in various heterogeneous formats and help develop data insights.
• Identify patterns in the data and prepare an inventory of items which could be developed/trained using data science capabilities like machine learning.
• Utilize appropriate pre built models or help develop new models to predict and derive insights from heterogeneous data stores.
• Ability to explore and implement advanced technological solutions such as machine learning.
• Ability to identify unique data sets and information that may be useful for model development and analysis.
• Under limited direction, seeks to understand what moves the needle for our financial advisors and our overall business model and explores data that could be helpful.
• Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Rigorous development of statistical and machine learning models, including model validation, monitoring, explainability, and interpretability
Reconciling cutting edge machine learning ideas, including transformers, k-shot learning, and self-supervised learning, with the requirements and limitations of an established financial services firm
Be the spokes person with  statistical inference and machine learning algorithm research and development
Interfacing with data engineering and DevOps technical partners
Exceptional communication and presentation skills and the ability to explain technical concepts to a non-technical audience, with demonstrated skill in managing stakeholders and connecting business insights to appropriate algorithms and methods