Clinical Trials Clinician

Clinical Trial Family Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant / Sub-Investigator Clinician for Clinical Trial site!

If interested, please contact Lindsay Kopasz at 586-710-7959 or

Text: 586-710-7959


· Runnemede, New Jersey


· The hours will be 65 hours per pay period

· Every other weekend.

· 830am-730pm

· Saturdays are 9-530

Pay Rate:

· $69.62 per hour

Job Description:

· Serve as a Sub-Investigator clinician for the clinical trials site, ensuring all elements of clinical trials work are completed in compliance with standard operating procedures.

· The Sub-Investigator is under the supervision of the Principal Investigator and is responsible for performing study–related procedures and /or to make important study-related decisions in compliance with the ethical conduct of the study.

Job Requirements:
  • Responsibilities:

    Patient-Centered Quality and Safety

    ·         Evaluate primary care, acute, chronically ill, and transitional care patients, in addition to providing healthcare education and counseling, and disposition planning for our patients ranging in age 18 months and above

    ·         Provide patient counseling; inclusive of pregnancy prevention, STI Prevention/safer sex practices, contraceptive care counseling and medication management

    ·         Perform all study responsibilities in compliance with the IRB approved protocol

    ·         Document all findings in subject specific source documents

    ·         Provide ongoing assessment of the study subject/patient to identify Adverse Events

    ·         Ensure proper documentation and reporting of all Adverse Events and Serious Adverse Events

    ·         Perform physical examinations as part of screening evaluation and active study conduct

    ·         Provide medical management of adverse events as appropriate

    ·         Complete all study documentation in accordance with the study specific requirements

    ·         Communicate with Sponsors and auditors as requested

    ·         Possess a working knowledge of GCP/ICH guidelines, Clinic SOPs, QA/QC procedures, and Investigator 1572 Form.

    ·         Review Investigator's Brochure prior to performing any study related activities

    ·         Participate in on-call activities as required to ensure adequate medical coverage

    ·         Monitor safety and well-being of study participants at all times

    ·         Delegate study responsibilities as appropriate to trained study staff

    ·         Educate patients on health maintenance and respond to patient care inquiries

    ·         Document all patient care within an EHR according to MinuteClinic policies and procedures

    ·         Provide care and coordination of our patients with internal and external colleagues, including the broader patient centered medical home, ensuring the highest standard of care is provided for all patients and at all times

    ·         Effectively work within a patient care team, including fellow Providers, Collaborative Physicians, para-professionals, Pharmacists and other members of the health care team

    Required Qualifications:

    ·         Minimum of two years of medically-relevant experience or equivalent

    ·         Effective verbal, written, and electronic communication skills

    ·         Initiative, problem solving ability, adaptability and flexibility

    ·         Ability to work without direct supervision and practice autonomously

    ·         Is proficient with information management and technology

    ·         Capacity to collaborate with professional colleagues as necessary to provide quality care

    ·         Depending on the market, the ability to be proficient in both speaking and writing in additional languages not limited to but including Spanish may be required

    ·         Basic Life Support (BLS) certification

    ·         Take and pass a FIT test with the respirators that MinuteClinic provides, and to wear the provided respirator mask when protocol requires.

    Preferred Qualifications:

    ·         Prior clinical trials work experience


    If interested, please contact Lindsay Kopasz at 586-710-7959 or

    Text: 586-710-7959

Full time
Runnemede, NJ 08078, US