Tableau Developer


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Tableau Developer

Fulltime/Directhire with UST 

Hartford CT (Starting remote , if the customer opens the office than canddidate open to travel/relocate to CT)



UST is looking for a developer expert in Tableau and SAS reporting. The individual will be responsible to develop insightful dashboards for one of the leading healthcare providers in the US. The ideal candidate must possess strong design skills along with the Tableau and SAS reporting skills. The candidate must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to collaborate effectively with domain experts and technical experts in the team.



  • Require experience in SQL
  • Require Healthcare domain experience especially medicare
  • Expert in Tableau and SAS Reporting
  • Excellent knowledge and experience in databases
  • Should possess leadership qualities, should be capable to advise the customer on the possibilities of Tableau and SAS reporting.

 UST will provide relocation assistance. 


As an expert in Tableau and SAS reporting, you will

  • Maintain active relationships with Product Owner to understand business requirements, lead requirement gathering meetings
  • Come up with excellent design wireframes for the reports
  • Come up with out of box ideas on design, Tableau and SAS reporting
  • Lead a team, work with customer with minimum supervision
  • Have excellent database knowledge
  • Show superior leadership qualities and excellent communication skills
  • Develop mind blowing insightful reports for the customer while managing the relationship


Role Proficiency:

Act creatively to develop applications and select appropriate technical options optimizing application development maintenance and performance by employing design patterns and reusing proven solutions account for others' developmental activities



  1.   Interpret the application/feature/component design to develop the same in accordance with specifications.
  2.   Code debug test document and communicate product/component/feature development stages.
  3.   Validate results with user representatives; integrates and commissions the overall solution
  4.   Select appropriate technical options for development such as reusing improving or reconfiguration of existing components or creating own solutions
  5.   Optimises efficiency cost and quality.
  6.   Influence and improve customer satisfaction
  7. Set FAST goals for self/team; provide feedback to FAST goals of team members


Measures of Outcomes:

  1.   Adherence to engineering process and standards (coding standards)
  2.   Adherence to project schedule / timelines
  3.   Number of technical issues uncovered during the execution of the project
  4.   Number of defects in the code
  5.   Number of defects post delivery
  6.   Number of non compliance issues
  7. On time completion of mandatory compliance trainings


Outputs Expected:


  1. Code as per design
  2. Follow coding standards templates and checklists
  3. Review code – for team and peers



  1. Create/review templates checklists guidelines standards for design/process/development
  2. Create/review deliverable documents. Design documentation r and requirements test cases/results



  1. Define and govern configuration management plan
  2. Ensure compliance from the team



  1. Review and create unit test cases scenarios and execution
  2. Review test plan created by testing team
  3. Provide clarifications to the testing team


Domain relevance:

  1. Advise Software Developers on design and development of features and components with a deep understanding of the business problem being addressed for the client.
  2. Learn more about the customer domain identifying opportunities to provide valuable addition to customers
  3. Complete relevant domain certifications


Manage Project:

  1. Manage delivery of modules and/or manage user stories


Manage Defects:

  1. Perform defect RCA and mitigation
  2. Identify defect trends and take proactive measures to improve quality



  1. Create and provide input for effort estimation for projects


Manage knowledge:

  1. Consume and contribute to project related documents share point libraries and client universities
  2. Review the reusable documents created by the team



  1. Execute and monitor release process



  1. Contribute to creation of design (HLD LLD SAD)/architecture for Applications/Features/Business Components/Data Models


Interface with Customer:

  1. Clarify requirements and provide guidance to development team
  2. Present design options to customers
  3. Conduct product demos


Manage Team:

  1. Set FAST goals and provide feedback
  2. Understand aspirations of team members and provide guidance opportunities etc
  3. Ensure team is engaged in project



  1. Take relevant domain/technology certification


Skill Examples:

  1.   Explain and communicate the design / development to the customer
  2.   Perform and evaluate test results against product specifications
  3.   Break down complex problems into logical components
  4.   Develop user interfaces business software components
  5.   Use data models
  6.   Estimate time and effort required for developing / debugging features / components
  7.   Perform and evaluate test in the customer or target environment
  8.   Make quick decisions on technical/project related challenges
  9.   Manage a Team mentor and handle people related issues in team
  10.   Maintain high motivation levels and positive dynamics in the team.
  11.   Interface with other teams designers and other parallel practices
  12.   Set goals for self and team. Provide feedback to team members
  13.   Create and articulate impactful technical presentations
  14.   Follow high level of business etiquette in emails and other business communication
  15.   Drive conference calls with customers addressing customer questions
  16.   Proactively ask for and offer help
  17.   Ability to work under pressure determine dependencies risks facilitate planning; handling multiple tasks.
  18.   Build confidence with customers by meeting the deliverables on time with quality.
  19.   Estimate time and effort resources required for developing / debugging features / components
  20.   Make on appropriate utilization of Software / Hardware’s.
  21.   Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities


Knowledge Examples:

Additional Comments:


Full time
Hartford, CT 06112, US