Surgical Technologist

    • Reports to Director, Patient Care Services. Through the direct supervision of the professional nursing staff, assists in the care of patients undergoing surgical intervention and assists in the care, preparation, and maintenance of sterile and unsterile supplies and equipment. The Surgical Technologist acts as a primary scrub person who handles the instruments, supplies and equipment necessary during the surgical procedure; anticipates the needs of the surgeon; has the necessary knowledge and ability to ensure quality patient care during the operative procedure; has an understanding of procedures being performed; is consistently on vigil for maintenance of the sterile field; sometimes acts as an unsterile member of the surgical team, obtaining instruments, supplies and equipment while the surgical procedure is in progress.

Job Requirements:
    • Education and Experience
      • The knowledge, skills and abilities as indicated below are normally acquired through a successful completion of a program with a school of surgical technology, or training in the Armed Forces and subsequent certification and maintenance of same as a surgical technologist.
    • Knowledge & Skills
      • Knowledge of fundamentals of anatomy and physiology.
      • Thorough knowledge of sterilization procedures and aseptic techniques.
      • Knowledge of maintenance and care of supplies and equipment.
      • Basic knowledge of surgical procedures, needs and steps in use of instrumentation, materials and supplies.
      • Knowledge and skills to perform tasks related to intraoperative activation of power equipment under the direct supervision of a surgeon. Examples include: drilling, reaming and assisting with insertion of a screw or guide wire while the surgeon holds the fracture in place.
      • Knowledge and skills to perform tasks related to an electrosurgery unit and bowel staplers under the direct supervision of a surgeon. Examples include: activating a bovie on a clamp to stop bleeding while the surgeon holds the tissue; firing a stapler that the surgeon put in place while the surgeon holds the tissue.
      • Knowledge and skills to operate a skin stapler while the physician approximates the tissue or under the direction of the surgeon for the purpose of wound approximation.
      • Knowledge and skills to assist in the proper handling and care of specimens.
      • Basic knowledge of safety, departmental and hospital policies and emergency disaster procedures.
      • Knowledge and skills to prepare operating rooms, perform surgical scrubs, drape patients and maintain aseptic conditions.
      • Demonstrates interpersonal skills necessary to establish and maintain effective relationships with patients, co-workers, visitors, physicians and allied health staff.
    • Working Conditions
      • Works in a patient care/operating room environment requiring physical exertion, frequent changes in job demands, certain undesirable patient care activities and exposure to biohazards and anesthetic gases.
    • Physical Demands
      • Requires the physical ability and stamina (i.e. to walk/stand for prolonged periods of time, push carts/wheelchairs up to 50 pounds, to position/lift patients at a maximum of 35 pounds unassisted, over 35 pounds requires assistance, provide CPR, etc.) to perform the essential functions of the position.
Full time
South Bend, IN 46617, US