Technical Program Manager

Technical Program Manager (Automation & Reliability)
Location: Knoxville, TN - East Coast only
Duration: 12+ Months

Position Summary:
Reporting to the VP of Automation & Reliability Engineering, this position is critical to the mission of the Automation & Reliability Engineering team as part of the Global Infrastructure Services group within Global Technology & Operations. The core purpose of this role is to ensure that our programs of work, including management of monitoring and observability tools, incident management processes, incident and operational automation, and analytics and reporting continue to grow and evolve, supporting our peers and partners across the organization. The ideal candidate will be passionate about a data and metrics-driven operation that works across multiple IT and broadcast technologies and will also believe that automation is a key component to operating large-scale systems.


Work with monitoring and observability tool owners on our team in managing an observability tools stewardship program, addressing focus areas of documentation, provisioning, capabilities roadmap, utilization reporting, and stakeholder engagement.
Support the design and operation of an automation center of excellence that provides an intake and lifecycle process for incident response and operational automation initiatives.
Collaborate with data analysts to develop effective reporting for your programs and consumers of your programs.
Create and collaborate on program, product, and procedural documentation.
Provide effective written and verbal updates on the roadmap and project to leadership and stakeholders.
Participate in and lead program check-ins and stand-up discussions.

Track and oversee work, manage deliverables, expectations, and roadblocks.

Job Requirements:

Scope & Complexity: You contribute to the team’s success by ensuring that the right solution is deployed successfully. You help drive resolution of complex technical problems by identifying simple and straightforward solutions.

Decision Making: When you encounter problems, you are able to drive their resolution more often than not, and when you cannot, you know who and how best to engage. When confronted with discordant views, you foster constructive dialogue and seek resolutions in a professional manner

Execution: You get a lot done. You communicate clearly, analyze technical designs, organize timelines, secure commitments, manage risks, identify the critical path, and spot edge cases. You move between these modes, adapting yourself to the needs of your workstreams.

Operations: You apply processes and standards thoughtfully, identifying the right amount of process and structure to achieve the correct outcome with the least overhead.

Influence: You influence your team through data to guide roadmap priorities for focus areas and improvements. You have a technical and business understanding of the team’s services.

Communication: Your written and verbal communication skills are exemplary, concise and to the point, making you a point of contact for business and technical stakeholders.

Preferred Skills:

Comfortable and experienced in leading project teams in cloud and traditional IT environments.
Knowledge of operational practices, workflows, and support models for engineering teams.
Understanding of incident management and monitoring workflows.
Ability to collaborate with technology resources on projects given solid understanding of current technologies and trends.
Accountability of project scope and ensuring completion of projects while maintaining compliance with standard processes, quality, and schedule objectives.
Estimating, scheduling, coordinating, assigning resources, and assisting and recommending business solutions/alternatives for projects.
Knowledge of industry best practices for technical documentation.
Ability to focus both strategically and tactically to achieve business goals, including the use of data to drive improvements.

Nice to have: AWS, New Relic, Datadog, Splunk, Solarwinds, Confluence, Jira, Slack, Smartsheets, Pagerduty, and ServiceNow tool awareness and experience.

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