Product Data Quality Analyst

· Client is seeking a professional who is looking to collaborate with all divisions and global vendors to ensure data accuracy, completeness, and governance. Our team ensures that our reference data can properly serve as a building block for downstream systems performing critical booking, settling, and reconciliation functions.

· Engineering is a dynamic, multi-faceted division that partners with all parts of the firm to deliver banking, sales and trading and asset management capabilities to clients around the world. In addition, Engineering provides essential risk management and control to preserve and enhance the firm’s assets and its reputation.

· For every trade agreed, every new product launched or market entered, every transaction completed, Engineering partners with the business to develops the processes and controls that makes business flow.

· Product Data Quality is a high-value risk management team in Engineering that, across all firm divisions, is responsible for the governance programs that ensure critical securities modeling and pricing data is accurate, complete, and scalable. This data is a critical input and dependency to most trade and client support functions.

· Prepare to gain a comprehensive understanding of all product types and interact with traders, strategists, and other operations professionals

· Proactively resolve data exceptions, dive deep into technical issues to investigate and fix complex issues spanning multiple teams and vendors, and partner with business partners to analyze and implement solutions for new business reference data needs.

· Partner with a team of global product experts to leverage knowledge to resolving comprehensive reference data problems that involve multiple stakeholders across multiple teams and divisions.

· Showcase your attention to detail and ability to master all aspects of product and pricing reference data and further interpret their attributes to all downstream systems which depend on these same attributes.

· Develop strong and effective relationships with critical vendors which supply reference data so that they uplift their controls and provide the most pristine product possible to the firm.

· Highlight your ideas for improving processes and implement them globally to impact and uplift the entire process.

· Work with senior technologists and project managers on key projects that are re-shaping the reference data support model that is utilized across the entire financial industry.

Develop skills in technical modelling using the PURE modelling language and create complex analysis of data and trends to optimize data quality in efficient controlled methods utilizing tools such as

Job Requirements:


·            Proven analytical skills, problem solving ability, and a control mentality paired with meticulous attention to detail.

·            Ability to manage multiple concurrent tasks with dynamic and aggressive deadlines.

·            Aptitude for building relationships and ability to communicate complex issues to a wide array of internal clients with differing levels of product experience.

·            Self-motivated and proactive team player, who takes ownership and accountability of projects, has strong organizational skills as well as the ability to effectively manage competing priorities.

·            Flexible and able to work well under pressure in a team environment.


As an equal opportunity employer, ICONMA prides itself on creating an employment environment that supports and encourages the abilities of all persons regardless of race, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, or disability.

Salt Lake City, UT 84193, US