Lead Recruiter 2

· Lead recruiters find and attract needed technical/non-technical employees for their organization or client.

· Basic duties include setting up advertising campaigns, contacting potential applicants, searching for applicants online (and through other relevant means), and creating job postings for available positions.

· They prepare paperwork for new hires, reports to management, and assessments of recruiting performance.

· Analytical skills are required in this position to determine the types of recruiting methods that are most effective.

· Lead recruiters also communicate with managers regularly to determine preferences and needed changes for recruiting.

· Most of the lead recruiter's work is performed indoors in an office setting, with minimal risk or hazard exposure.

· Minimal physical requirements are required, aside from spending long hours working at a computer.

· Work hours vary based on company policy and needs, but it is common to work during regular business hours.

· Technical recruiters typically work in teams with other recruiters, with regular communication with management and potential applicants.

· Level II 4+ Years

Job Requirements:

As an equal opportunity employer, ICONMA prides itself on creating an employment environment that supports and encourages the abilities of all persons regardless of race, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, or disability.

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