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Board Member

This is a remote compensated board of directors and advisory position. The company is looking for multiple executives.

Boardsi has been retained to conduct a board of directors and board of advisors search for a software product development company. We are looking for executives with backgrounds across all industries for a fresh set of eyes. If you are, but not limited to an Executive, VP, Director, CEO, CFO, or CMO we would like to speak with you. If you have a background in Finance, FinTech, Tech, Banking, HedgeFund, Blockchain, Data, Digital Finance, Financial Services, Analytics, AI, or Operations we want to speak with you.

Our goal is to save you time, by avoiding lines at the bank; money, by lowering fees; and saving the environment by eliminating the use of paper and reducing CO2 emissions.

Wire and check fraud affect thousands of real estate clients every year and costs the industry millions of dollars. Built by a team of experts in Technology, Real Estate, Lending, and Title Insurance, we are obsessed with finding a better way to complete the friction-filled real estate transaction. It’s exciting to be part of an organization that is transforming real estate payments.

Our company is a secure, digital, white-labeled SaaS platform that allows buyers to transfer funds for earnest money deposits or cash to close on a refinance. Escrow holders and settlement agents can also disburse funds to clients or vendors using our proprietary platform. We are built to:

save you time - by avoiding lines at the bank

save money - by lowering fees

save the environment - by eliminating the use of paper and reducing CO2 emissions

MISSION: Transforming how real estate payments are made with the goal of eliminating wire fraud and the use of paper checks.

VISION: Allow consumers and organizations to send and receive payments securely and effortlessly.

VALUES: We do not take shortcuts. We take pride in what we do because we know everyone's contribution, no matter how small or big, contributes to the failure or success of the company.

We are never content and always building your future business. We are creative, take risks, look for a better way, and always share ideas.

We are resourceful and make the most of what's available. We allocate capital and resources only when everyone and everything has reached its peak performance.

We know there is always more to something than what meets the eye. We dig deep, ask questions!

We love to laugh and have fun. We find the humor in every situation and the gift in every challenge. Make your own fun and stay positive.

We are diverse, inclusive and genuinely enjoy hearing everyone's opinion. Period.


We are looking to bring on one Advisor to the Board of Advisors.

Skills we are seeking: Focus on technology. Would like to help with introductions to potential partnerships and help with talent acquisition.

Specifically- executives from companies like Brex, Divvy, Ramp, Melio, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, Stripe, Mastercard, or Visa for the technology and payments aspect. Executives from eXp, Compass, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker - with a focus on technology for the real estate aspect. We are laser-focused on the real estate industry today but see applications in the auto finance and pharmacy payment reconciliation space.


Make introductions for potential partnerships

Attract talent

Spread the word of our mission

Compensation: Monetary and Equity, combination of both.

Job Requirements:

This will be a remote position that includes quarterly meetings, plus a minimum of one hour per month for calls/emails to help with various projects. Looking for a strong background and overall experience in growing and adding expertise to a company.


If this position isn't a perfect match there are other opportunities within our network that could utilize your skill sets.


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Full time
Austin, TX 78716, US