Exceptional Opportunity to earn a high six figure income!

This is a leads driven, COMMISSION ONLY, life insurance career opportunity. We are looking for motivated, business minded people to fill the high demand of senior field underwriters. If selected, you will earn up to 145% commissions, the highest level offered in our arena, and you do not have to sign a contract with our firm. You will work as a field underwriter to about fifteen of the top carriers in the industry, offering various types of life insurance and retirement protection plans.

Job Requirements:

In this role, you will be calling to schedule in-home appointments with prospective customers who have requested information about our products and services.

Each week, thousands of letters are mailed to people who have just refinanced or purchased a new home. The letters state that they qualify for mortgage protection coverage that can prevent their home from being taken from their family in the event of their death, disability, or critical illness like cancer, heart attacks or strokes. Many of our prospective clients even qualify to have all their premiums fully returned if no claims are made by the end of a term. These folks either call in or mail back questionnaires waiting for you to contact them. We also receive thousands of requests for final expense protection which is the fastest growing market due to the aging baby boomers.

Our unique training system platform can have you up and running and earning a substantial income as soon as you obtain a required license, which we will help you with.

• You will earn an average commission starting at about $1000.00 per application
• You will write an average of 5 apps per week, though many reps double and triple that amount
• You will also qualify for promotions and bonuses based on achievable production levels
• You will have the opportunity to build your own team with our help and guidance
• You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself
• You will also qualify for annual 1st class, fully paid vacations for you and a guest

Industry experience is not necessary for you to qualify, but a track record of hard work and success is. You will work every bit as hard as you would with any other job, but your income level will be what most people only dream about. This position allows you to work either full time or part time, but you can’t just work this business some of the time, if you want to be successful. If you can commit yourself to either a structured full or part time schedule, then we urge you to apply.

Click the links below to hear an overview of how our program works and the success stories of our family of agents already living their dreams. If you are still interested after viewing both videos, you can get a jump on your competition by calling or texting Tony directly at (248) 444-9106 to schedule your first phone interview. We thank you for your time and wish you great success in your endeavor

Full time
Columbus, OH 43224, US