Captain Aviation - Night Shift

Captain Aviation - M-F - Night Shift 

Know that there are people behind the data.  Patients and Physicians rely on our diagnostic testing, information and services to help them make better healthcare decisions. These are often serious decisions with far reaching consequences, and require sensitivity, tact and a clear dedication to service. It’s about providing clarity and hope.

In Logistics you will work for the world leader in the industry, with a career where you can expand your skills and knowledge. You’ll have a role where you can act with professionalism, you can inspire colleagues, and you can care about the work we do and the people we serve.

At Quest, our Logistics personnel are critical to the people we serve – your fast, safe and efficient transportation is an important step in diagnoses and treatment. As a career, it offers variety and a certain amount of independent working – with the added bonus of meeting and dealing with a variety of people in your day. Joining a diverse team, a Logistics role can offer you a stable, long-term career.


•         Fly Quest Diagnostics' airplanes


•         Report to the Chief Pilot;

•         Conduct flights in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations and Quest Diagnostics Flight Operations Manual 



•         High school or equivalent preferred.

Work Experience:

•         1500 flight hours in specific aircraft type.

•         500 hours of multi engine flight time .

•         2500 hours of specific flight time preferred.

•         5000 hours of flight time for passenger transport

Special Requirements:

•         Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license

•         Varying work hours: overtime, overnight trips and could work any shift time

•         First class medical

•         Knowledge of aircraft, Federal Aviation Regulations, and Aviation related issues

•         Knowledge of Quest Diagnostics Flight Operations Manual

•         Continuous education for aircraft required

•         Qualified and current on the aircraft that Quest Diagnostics owns

•         Certified Flight Instructor License is preferred and is required for training

•         Key Word Search: Pilot, Aviator, Aviation, Captain, Fly, Flight, Plane, cargo and Aircraft.

Full time
Lawrenceville, GA 30046, US