HIM Tech Specialist 2

Clinch Valley Medical Center

The HIM Tech/Specialist II will be responsible for back-up of all operations team members being able to fill in when and where needed and still maintaining their everyday responsibilities. The HIM Tech/Specialist II will demonstrate knowledge of all everyday operations duties. Will be the main contact for the maintenance of the Master Patient Index and for Form Management both of which will be coordinated and communicated to the Director of HIM. Responsible for maintaining accuracy of all worklist's within Quanum and Meditech as well as monitoring differing activities and deficiencies.


Will serve as backup for all HIM operations functions fill in as needed. These include retrieving charts from various areas of the hospital, prepping of all hospital disciplines, scanning of all disciplines, quality review of all scanning. Answer incoming phone calls and work the Release of Information window when needed. Will also be performing analysis of all disciplines checking for accuracy, completeness of records, and assigning deficiencies as needed. Assisting all providers with deficiencies when needed and keeping up with unbilled accounts to make sure providers are completing deficiencies/dictations in a timely manner.

Master Patient Index (MPI)

Monitor and maintain the accuracy of the Master Patient Index. Performing merges of duplicate medical record numbers, deletion of medical record numbers not being utilized. The investigation of overlays between patients and the redaction of patient information within Quanum and Meditech. Updating the Master Patient Index with correct up-to-date data on patients.

ROI Vendor Prep

Serve as a contact and back-up for Release of Information being sent to our ROI Vendor. Preparation of ROI's to upload to facility drive for the ROI Vendor. Obtaining documentation on requests and scanning to the records when needed. Locating and making available records that are not interfaced with our EHR such as Wound Care and Radiation Oncology. Printing, scanning, and making available itemized bills and UB's when requested for ROI's going to ScanStat.

Form Management

Re-creation of forms to meet guidelines and requirements to be placed in Forms On Demand (FOD). Submitting forms to be placed in FOD assigning of packets and departments and titling of form within FOD. Coordinate with HIMD any form change requests or new forms to obtain approval for the form to be placed into use.

Rejected Deficiencies

Monitor and work rejected and addressed deficiencies worklist's within Quanum and Meditech. Determining the reason for rejection and reassigning or removing of deficiencies from providers, documenting your reasoning within each system.


Serve as a back-up for monitoring and cleaning up all worklist's within Quanum and Meditech. Also the monitoring of scan queue's for lost or forgotten documents/folders scanned. This will include watching for undefined, lost and found documents, and rejected or addressed deficiencies and assigning these to their correct position of provider.

Pre, Unregistered, and Medicare Accounts

Coordinating with the OPS Team Lead, will monitor accounts not registered timely that have charges and notify appropriate personnel when required. Will also coordinate and monitor ER accounts that are not discharged timely and have late nursing entries and notify personnel as needed. Will monitor Medicare patient admissions for admit orders alerting personnel of any needed or any discrepancies.

Projects / Programs

Will work the Director and OPS Team Lead on any new projects/programs that are implemented. This includes testing and education of staff when needed.

Job Requirements:
Education: High School Diploma required. Associate's Degree strongly preferred.Experience: A background in clerical work. Requires at least one year experience in similar role in acute care hospital or physician office practice.Special Qualifications: Must have typing, clerical and computer skills. Works independently, proactively prioritizes assignments and possesses a keen ability to multi-task.
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Full time
Richlands, VA 24641, US