Front End Developer

Our client's Global Marketing Communications group oversees all advertising and marketing to ensure the flawless development and execution of world-class communications.

As a Front End Developer, you'll create high-quality interactive experiences for customers in hundreds of retail locations all around the world. You'll be part of a growing WebKit team that creates cutting-edge software experiences to complement in-store shopping.

Key Qualifications

  • You've worked with designers and engineers to create consumer-facing products in the past.
  • You understand JavaScript and ES6, and you don't require libraries or plug-ins to build creative solutions.
  • You're passionate about CSS and creating flexible user interfaces for a global audience.
  • You have strong technical abilities and the desire to assist bring in-store shopping into the digital age.
  • You understand the fundamentals of visual and interactive design.
  • Your critical thinking, problem-solving, and interpersonal abilities are exceptional.
  • Previous experience developing iOS apps in Swift and Objective-C is a bonus.
  • You've built scalable web applications with JavaScript technologies like React and Redux, and you're familiar with build chain tools like gulp, Grunt, and webpack, as well as Git and Subversion (SVN).
  • You are familiar with the process of localization.
  • You've used Babel or TypeScript transpilers, as well as Node.js and npm. Jenkins experience is a plus.


  • Maintain and improve a growing codebase.
  • Works with designers, engineers, and producers to launch new products.
  • Works multi-functionally to respond to and fix bugs, iterate on existing features, and launch new features, from concept to deployment.
  • Works with content management and localization teams to support the experience in multiple languages.
  • Promotes software development standard methodologies and upholds team standards.
  • Finds ways to optimize and improve existing codebase and tools to help developers and teams be more productive.


  • A Bachelor's degree or at least four years of relevant industry experience is preferred.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087, US