Adabas DBA

Adabas Database Administrator

  • Knowledge and experience with application software tools and application development methodology through complete life cycles. - preferred
  • Knowledge and experience with the following system software; database management, and operating systems.
    • ADABAS Database
    • ADABAS Utilities
    • Predict
    • Natural
    • Assembler
    • Cobol
    • CICS internals
    • Mainframe software support
    • Mainframe utilities (Sysview, Intertest,,,).
  • Knowledge of one or more Server or Mainframe computer programming languages. Assembler, Cobol, Natural, SQL, C#, (any scripting language), Java, Scripting languages, PowerShell, JavaScript, SQL, REXX, CA-GEN. - Strongly preferred
  • Ability to deal effectively with the information technology needs of IT technicians and development staff; business users; and, software vendor and management staff. - Strongly preferred

Experience required:

  • Minimum 2 years' experience designing/analyzing, coding, testing, debugging database programs or system software programming and analysis.
  • Proven experience as a database administrator on ADABAS Databases for a Mainframe Environment. Provide documentation showing working knowledge as an Adabas DBA.
Full time
Topeka, KS 66652, US