Data Analyst

Data Analyst for 12 +Month contract role in Maplewood Minnesota. (ONSITE ROLE)

Not working with Third parties and must be able to be a W-2 employee

In this role you will be responsible for actions that involve the exchange of large amounts of product data between the Health Care Business Group and government agencies as well as channel partners. It will be this person's responsibility to perform and coordinate data aggregation to collect and transmit item level product information to government agencies and channel partners using systems, Microsoft Excel or channel partner requested format.

  • Strong problem solving capabilities and ability to work in ambiguity
  • Ability to support emerging global needs and disparate project priorities Manage multiple & simultaneous request priorities
  • Ability to understand differing attribute definitions and define downstream need to be met Aggregate product attributes and images from various data sources.
  • Align product attributes to meet government agencies and channel partner requirements / definitions.
  • Develop and end-to-end understanding of product knowledge and potential data gaps and accuracy concerns Transfer content to [government agencies] & channel partners using database and syndication tools and Microsoft Excel.
  • Execute routine data review procedures to assure product data (internal and external) remains in sync Bring new channel partner data requirements forward to the data syndication team for approval and design
  • Ability to work across multiple functions to define and meet syndication activity needs, coordinate responses from disparate subject areas
  • Develop and end-to-end understanding of processes and systems.
  • Identify root cause and resolve data synchronization errors Escalate quality issues to appropriate areas Maintain and report metrics on quantity and quality of work Process ad-hoc data requests from channel partners and businesses
  • Provide input on syndication system and process improvements
  • Experience with GDSN, UDI, Syndication or Regulatory framework preferred
  • Minimal work direction needed, highly skilled and knowledgeable to the position and provides best practicing sharing within work group.
  • Works with client to analyze and define the business process that needs an IT solution.
  • Identifies and documents high-level requirements, maps future state of the solution, and ensures the system/solution meets business and user requirements.
  • Document and map business process and requirements for the future state of the IT solution
  • Identify and understand the end user's need
  • Facilitate the business process redesign and documentation as needed

Required skills:

  • Data analyst skills
  • MS Excel
  • Experience with GDSN, UDI, Syndication or Regulatory framework is preferred
  • Understanding working in a large enterprise organization/company
  • Experience working with venders and clients

Maplewood, MN 55144, US