Job Description

Under the supervision of the Children’s Services Director, the Early Head Start Specialist is responsible for planning, coordinating, monitoring, record keeping and reporting, guiding, training, supporting, and collaborating with partners to ensure the effective operations of the Early Head Start Program.


Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education or related field with at least two (2) years supervisory experience in an early childhood program. Ability to communicate effectively. Participate in data gathering, train staff, and ensure on-going quality improvements.

Job Requirements:
  • Collects data and participates in writing and updating the Early Head Start work plan and service delivery system.
  • Requests needed professional services, supplies and equipment for children in the Early Head Start program.
  • Assists with the negotiation of contracts and other agreements with professionals.
  • Provides for the integration of Early Head Start education into the total Head Start program.
  • Provides curriculum materials for Early Head Start infant-toddlers, parents and staff.
  • Participates in team planning sessions.
  • Attends and participates in staff meetings, parents meetings and activities and other program activities.
  • Assists with the assessment of training needs and the development of training designs.
  • Conducts training sessions for staff, parents and volunteers.
  • Attends workshops, conferences and training sessions.
  • Performs management oversight monitoring of assigned centers.
  • Develops program schedules, record keeping and reporting systems.
  • Updates job descriptions and performance evaluation plans for staff working in the Early Head Start program.
  • Evaluates Early Head Start staff.


Full time
Jackson, MS 39212, US