Sales Representative

Annex Incorporated is a marketing company based in Fort Lauderdale that is currently hiring entry-level individuals with a marketing and sales background for a Sales representative position. Annex Inc currently handles all of the sales & marketing for one of the largest telecommunication companies in the country. Specializing in acquisition of new customers and retention of existing customers, Annex is seeking personable and professional candidates to train.

We're hiring due to our quick growth. When searching for the right fit for our team, we look for a few key factors: integrity, competitive drive, work ethic and a student mentality.

Here at Annex Incorporated, we surpass all competitors in sales and marketing in Florida. Call us old school, but we have proven, and firmly believe, that in-person communication is the best approach. We train our sales warriors with a formulated approach focused on interpersonal communication skills and the latest technologies. With this approach, we are acquiring customers every day for our clients by the masses.

Our team is the lifeblood of Annex. Our people are our most valuable asset, which is why we focus on the personal development of our team on a daily basis. Our team comes from all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, but we all have something in common: a competitive edge and a work ethic that few could match.

We firmly believe that if someone possesses those qualities, we can teach you everything else you need to be successful here at Annex Incorporated. With our top notch training programs and focus on personal, as well as career development, the possibilities can be endless.

Our specialties include personalized direct marketing, sales strategies, a dedication to following through, and career & personal development.

Job Requirements:

This competitive career opportunity includes:

  • face to face interactions with clients

  • opportunities for travel

  • full training

  • personal development

  • ability to grow to train others and coach a team

  • a non-micromanaged working environment

  • a positive high-energy team environment

  • the opportunity to represent one of the largest telecom companies in the country

All promotions at Annex occur within the company.   Our major focus is on high integrity and follow through to our clients,   and   seeking out highly motivated individuals to train and promote.

We are willing to train highly motivated people with a high-energy demeanor for management, sales and customer service opportunities. All pay and promotions are based on performance. All openings are ideal for entry-level candidates. We train from the ground up.

Full time
Salary Range
$26,000.00 - 64,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
Miami, FL 33222, US