Paid Internship-Entrepreneurial/Business Management

Paid Internship-Entrepreneurial/Business Management

Paid Internship - Entrepreneurial/Business Management with LevelUp in Miami and West Palm Beach

This is an internship that you can turn into a full-time job or proudly showcase in your resume!


Paid Internship-Entrepreneurial/Business Management

Do you want to make a difference in the world? LevelUp is a direct marketing firm that specializes in raising awareness and collecting funds for humanitarian aid projects. We work with non-profit organizations and discounted pharmaceutical companies to provide medical relief to underprivileged communities during times of emergency and crisis. Through mentorship, education, and direct marketing, we cultivate a strong network of leaders who work passionately in providing assistance to poverty-stricken families at a national and international level. That’s why LevelUp offers a free business management training program that guides dedicated individuals toward community development and business ownership. 

Paid Internship-Entrepreneurial/Business Management

YOU Willing to Grow Other People?

Part of LevelUp's business management training program is learning how to become a leader. Are you willing to develop and practice the characteristics of a great leader?

● Communication:

Individuals with great communication skills are able to inspire others through verbal encouragement and support. These people are transparent and respectful when communicating daily action plans. They provide advice and guidance for the success of the whole team.

● Transparency:

These individuals demonstrate honesty every day through their words and actions, not only to the people they interact with, but to themselves as well. They understand the importance of holding themselves accountable for their actions. They hold the highest standard of integrity, setting the best example for those around them.

● Empathy:

These individuals show compassion through their efforts of helping people who are at a disadvantage. They are dedicated in using their emotional intelligence to understand the challenges that other people are facing so that they can offer support and guidance.

● Passion:

These individuals are committed to achieving their goals and are excited during the process of working toward them. They are confident in the decisions that they make, knowing that each step is getting them closer to becoming a better version of themselves. They know the purpose behind their actions, and they empower other people to find their purpose as well. 

Paid Internship-Entrepreneurial/Business Management

Benefits & Other Options

● Networking Opportunities:

LevelUp offers networking opportunities with the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners in our field.

● Business Trips:

LevelUp offers fully paid national and international business trips to people who demonstrate significant development in their position.

● Business Management & Marketing Conferences:

LevelUp offers opportunities to attend quarterly business management conferences that are led by International, National, and Regional Consultants. 


Paid Internship-Entrepreneurial/Business Management

Good Candidate Criteria

● Student-Mentality:

These individuals take advantage of their opportunities by grasping as much information possible. They see the importance of taking notes, asking questions, and doing further research. Their purpose for doing this is to enhance their skills and become the best at what they do.

● Self-Motivation & Success-Driven:

These individuals are determined to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles they may encounter. In the face of adversity, they persist through challenges and keep their energy focused on achieving their goals.

● Positive-Mindset & Great Attitude:

These individuals see the positive aspects of difficult situations and encourage others to do the same. They demonstrate kindness and respect toward everyone they encounter through body language, tone of voice, and team-building actions.

These qualities are essential in determining the rate at which each individual will move through the business management training program. Each level of this program is characterized by a job position that teaches the responsibilities of becoming a business owner. By demonstrating personal growth within these areas, each individual has the opportunity to be promoted into business management so that they can build their own organization. 

Paid Internship-Entrepreneurial/Business Management

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Entry-Level Entrepreneurial/Business Management Training
Paid Internship - Entrepreneurial/Business Management with LevelUp in Miami and West Palm Beach

Job Requirements:

Paid Internship-Entrepreneurial/Business Management

  • Over 18 years old
  • Speak good English
  • Holder of HS Diploma or higher
  • Citizen, resident or authorized to work
  • Citizen, resident or authorized to work (including international students studying in the US)
  • Able to commute to work
  • This is not a remote position
Miami, FL 33130, US