Data Scientist

l Analyze large volumes of complex data that requires consideration of multiple factors to interpret the information Work closely with stakeholders to understand the business process and turn vague one-
liner requests into detailed, testable requirements that meet the business needs.

l Propose and implement analytic solutions to support business needs and data-driven decisions.

l Support new system implementation projects, including data feeds, data design, and mapping.

l Identify and document data sources, criteria, and data mapping
Develop subject matter expertise and understand dependencies between source systems.

l Use SQL to explore, extract, and analyze data, including historical data.

l Assess data quality and completeness and implement solutions to ensure accurate reporting.

l Propose solutions to collect new data points to support metrics and identify trends.

l Design reports/dashboard layouts to present data in a clean, consumable, and insightful format.

l Write report and data feed specifications for BI, ETL, and WEB Services Developers Receive and prioritize requests for reports...

Job Requirements:
  • Develop predictive models and machine learning algorithms using advanced methodologies
  • Develop statistical learning models for data analysis
  • Design and develop data mining and machine learning models and algorithms
  • Using machine learning and statistical techniques
  • Develop statistical models for data analysis
  • Demonstrate an advanced Knowledge of data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning and data visualization
  • Support analytics and machine learning model development
  • Implement data driven business solutions using advanced statistical methods and machine learning techniques
  • Clean and explore data and implement statistical/machine learning models
  • Create machine learning data models that develop new insights over time
  • Providing advanced predictive data analytics using big data and data science technology for healthcare innovation
  • Generate analytics on big data
  • Solve statistical, machine learning, analytical and data mining problems
  • Leverage statistical data modeling, data mining and machine learning techniques to provide solutions to new business problems
  • Deploy predictive models and/or machine learning algorithms on large static and/or streaming data sets
  • Optimizing classifiers using machine learning techniques
  • Building the coolest machine data analytics systems
  • Using various types of algorithms and machine learning modeling techniques

Des Plaines, IL 60019, US