I&C Reverse Engineer

Job Description

Paragon is currently seeking an I&C Reverse Engineer to join our team. The I&C Reverse engineer is responsible for the Re-Design or Re-Engineer of obsolete electronics. The position requires an individual that can take an existing product and recreate manufacturing drawings to re-manufacture the item. The individual will be responsible for substituting components and re-designing circuitry to overcome obsolete part issues as well as developing various test plans to ensure the reverse engineered item meets all of the requirements.


  • Generate/Work with draftsman to create drawings to replicate electronic devices, including Electrical Schematic, Printed Circuit Board, and Mechanical drawings.
  • Analyze circuitry to be able to determine theory of operation and define operating parameters.
  • Create Design Adequacy test regimens to ensure the Reverse Engineered product meets the required Environmental parameters.
  • Evaluate components for the impact to for form, fit, function and Environmental Qualification requirements.
  • Design/Develop test benches for testing Reverse Engineered products.
  • Perform failure analysis of various components and recommend solutions.
  • Create all design documentation required by Quality Procedures such as: Design Management Pan, Specimen Evaluation Report, Design Drawings, Design Specification, Acceptance Procedure, Qualification Plan, Qualification Test Report, Equivalency Evaluation Report, and Engineering Change Notice.
  • Use assorted electronics lab test equipment to perform troubleshooting down to the component level.
  • Communicate with suppliers to resolve non-conforming purchase order requirements and materials.
  • Communicate with customers to answer technical questions.
  • Perform customer visit to evaluate equipment.
  • Perform source surveillances at outside test laboratories.
  • Additional related tasks may be assigned by management.


  • Must have a strong background in troubleshooting skills down to the component level and a minimum of two years of experience with electronic circuit design, testing, and repair.
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (alternatives will be considered)
  • Must be able to produce documentation at a high level of quality with attention to detail and in accordance with Paragon procedures.
  • Must be self-motivated and able to manage the product from inception through production.
  • Experience with LabView, Solidworks, and Altium a plus.


Full time
Fort Worth, TX 76118, US