Campus Representative

**Course Hero** is looking for paid Campus Representatives! We are firm believers in the power of learning communities where students grow by sharing, collaborating, and supporting each other. As a Campus Representative at California State University, San Bernardino, you will host events on your campus to promote Course Hero’s [Sweepstakes]( and [Books for Africa]( initiatives. You will also create awareness of the Course Hero platform and how it can help students graduate confident and prepared.


- Host virtual events (student organization partnerships & networking events) to educate students about Course Hero incentives and products
- Encourage students to apply for a chance to win the Course Hero [Sweepstakes](
- Support social good initiatives like [Books for Africa](
- Grow a community that loves and engages with Course Hero on your campus


- Interested in sales, marketing, and event planning
- Involved in campus organizations and communities
- Effective communicator who enjoys networking with others
- Reliable and willing to learn and grow
- Excited about the Course Hero Platform

**We are hiring for this role at the following universities:**

- Boise State University
- California State University, Sacramento
- California State University, San Bernardino
- Kent State University
- Temple University
- University of Cincinnati
- University of Colorado, Boulder
- University of Louisville
- University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh
- University of Texas, El Paso
- University of Virginia
- University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
- Weber State University
- Boston University
- California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
- California State University, Long Beach
- Drexel University
- Florida A&M University
- George Washington University
- Indiana University, Bloomington
- Ohio University, Athens
- University at Buffalo
- University of Central Florida
- University of Iowa
- University of Washington, Seattle
- Virginia Commonwealth University
- California State University Los Angeles
- Georgetown University
- Portland State University
- Syracuse University
- The University of Oklahoma
- University of Colorado, Denver
- University of Kansas
- University of Massachusetts, Amherst
- University of Minnesota
- University of New Mexico
- University of North Carolina
- Utah State University
- West Virginia University
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