Nature's Classroom Instructor

Nature’s Classroom provides opportunities for students throughout New England, to unplug from the busy, distracting world of screens and social media and reconnect to nature. We focus on science, social and emotional learning, and adventure education.

Nature’s Classroom is not only great for students, but it is also a fantastic experience for staff as well! Staff live on-site at one of our beautiful locations and work in a tight-knit community of passionate outdoor educators. During the week you get to spend all day outside with students and on the weekends you can explore New England. I hear all the time from former instructors that they loved their time working at Nature’s Classroom, and through the experience gained many life-long friendships!

Instructors deliver residential, 1-5-day environmental education programs to 4th - 8th-grade students from New England and New York schools. Instructors are responsible for educating a group of 10-12 students throughout the program, including facilitating day and night lessons, leading large group activities, and hosting meals. Staff are trained to teach classes like animal tracking, lake ecology, wood carving, and wilderness survival, just to name a few! There are also opportunities to enhance the curriculum and develop personal education portfolios.
Full time
Groton, MA 01470, US