Rig Crew Member

Minimum Requirements

At least one year experience on a rig

A valid driver's license

Position Summary

Guide pipe into and out of wells from the floor of a service or drilling rig. Operate hydraulic tongs to join or separate sections of pipe.

Essential Functions

Work under the direction of the rig operator to perform running and pulling of pipe from the well bore. This may include the use of hydraulic tongs to connect and disconnect
pipe joints.
Some rig hands will be required to work off the floor in elevated tubing board or rod basket.

This position is mostly manual labor.

Be aware of safety concerns. Work safely and report unsafe conditions to the rig operator. Watch other rig hands for safe operations.

Be in constant communication with the rig operator and other rig hands to assure efficient operation.

Take instruction from rig operator to be productive.

Team work with rig operator and other rig hands is required.

Employee may also be asked by supervisor or other management to perform tasks that would be outside the parameters of duties or job functions. You will be expected to complete these job functions as well.

Full time
Farmington, NM 87499, US