Clinic Manager

Job Supervisory Responsibilities: Front desk staff, clinical support staff (techs, medics, nurses), outside contractors working within the building (cleaners, maintenance workers).

General Summary: A mid-management position responsible for smooth daily operations of the urgent care clinic through human resource management, adherence to policies and procedures, and operational and supply oversight. Maintain responsibility for training and mentoring administrative and clinical support staff. Train and delegate responsibilities for Asst. Clinic Manager as appropriate.

Essential Responsibilities:
1. Scheduling of all clinical and administrative support staff (non-providers), including call schedule. To ensure staffing is appropriate and managing any absences for shifts.
2. Interview, hire and train clinical support staff and front desk staff with approval by Operations Director.
3. Verify check-offs and competencies with Clinical Trainer and Training Provider in adherence to the Corporate Training program before scheduling new personnel solo in a role.
4. Trained in occupational medicine testing as well as administrative and clinical portions of Float position and assisting or filling positions as needed.
5. Provide counseling and performance reviews of staff, investigations and termination of staff under the direction of the Operations Director and HR Director.
6. Monitor and approve all time sheets for payroll, including providers present at the clinic.
7. Organize and conduct quarterly staff meetings and attend other meetings as required. Maintain a daily huddle meeting for staff.
8. Coordinate maintenance and cleaning of the site facilities and equipment (including X-ray equipment) to the owner's high standards. Be familiar with all clinic equipment and know how to run, trouble shoot and update.
9. Organize and maintain inventory of DME, drugs, lab, office and medical supplies to sufficient levels.
10. Oversee lab – supplies, sterilizer process, QC's and documentation, MSDS, labels, etc.
11. Implement and enforce clinic policies, procedures and protocols.
12. Ensure front desk duties and protocols are being performed.
13. Enforce lab, X-ray, and visit call back program per company policy.
14. Maintain HIPAA compliance and confidentiality standards by ensuring policies are being followed throughout the clinic.
15. Perform chart audit reviews to verify employees are documenting correctly and train any deficiencies.
16. Develop and cultivate relationships with vendors and other outside businesses and contacts which may benefit the Company from a financial or resource availability standpoint.
17. Establish and maintain relationships with local worker compensation client employers, contacting regularly for feedback and service improvement.
18. Keep clinical certifications and standards up-to-date (CLIA, OSHA, etc.) in conjunction with Corporate Trainer.
19. Responsible to verify certifications and immunization records for staff are collected and maintained.
20. Regularly review Occupational Medicine services for accuracy, employer set up, etc.
21. Perform clinical or front desk shifts and complete patient care tasks as needed and as outlined by the parameters of administrative versus clinical time allowance.
22. Review and verify daily deposits, including credit cards, cash and checks. Make weekly deposits of cash and checks that are received at the front desk.
23. Respond promptly to customer service issues to provide a positive outcome as much as possible, working with the billing team.
24. Interact with providers to determine any concerns, assess employee performance, and monitor patient throughput times.
25. Track and manage clinic budget and financials to maintain established performance.
26. Establish and implement simple systems which will result in improved patient care, decreased liability and increased profits to the practice.

Example of Day-to-Day Responsibilities (accomplishes directly or through delegation)
1. Interview, hire, orient, and train clinical support staff and ensure all Human Resources policies are followed, including proper new hire paperwork and new employee checklist.
2. Develop staff schedules in coordination with other clinic schedules and post by the 15th of the month ahead of the scheduled work period, including the call schedule. Communicate schedule and verify with part-time and PRN staff.
3. Ensure staffing levels are full, monitor and adjust levels as needed.
4. Approve shift trades and coverage to minimize OT.
5. Hold quarterly staff meetings, recognize staff achievements, and address staff concerns. Hold daily huddle with staff.
6. Conduct performance appraisals at 90 days and yearly, provide mentoring to staff and document same with copies to Operations Director and HR Director.
7. Counsel staff with proper HR documentation, investigation and terminate when appropriate with Operations Director and HR Director agreement.
8. Monitor each staff personnel at least monthly to evaluate staff performance.
9. Ensure customer flow and satisfaction is optimized by reviewing door to door times, online reviews, etc.
10. Inventory and order medical supplies and DME weekly and order to ensure sufficient inventory levels.
11. Inventory dispensed medication supplies (MedeRx) weekly and order to ensure proper inventory levels and correct count.
12. Review office supply levels weekly and purchase within budget constraints.
13. Review narcotic logs/counts weekly to verify correctness.
14. Ensure X-ray and labs are QC'd and reported correctly.
15. At least weekly balance daily deposits verify reports are completed appropriately.
16. Have employee payroll time cards, including providers scheduled at the clinic reviewed and approved by noon of the Tuesday following the end of the pay period.
17. Do a daily walk through the facility daily to ensure for cleanliness (floors, work surfaces, bathrooms, coffee bar, exam rooms, waiting room), lights bulbs are working, equipment is functioning properly, filters are changed, etc.
18. Respond to patient feedback and resolve customer service issues.
19. Attend at least one monthly training class with staff.
20. Provide expense reimbursement with receipts at the first of the month.
21. Assure compliance with all operating standards, policies and procedures, and laws or regulations.
22. Encourage positive atmosphere and promote teamwork among employees while ensuring best practice customer service.
23. Perform specialty job responsibilities as outlined per each Clinic Manager.

Education: Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience. Clinical certification, degree or experience if appropriate.
Experience: Minimum of 1-2 years management experience or similar job function; at least 2 years medical or clinical experience.
Other Requirements: Current professional certification in BLS. Certification in ACLS also is preferred.

Performance Requirements:
1. Knowledge of policies and procedures to manage operations and ensure effective patient care.
2. Knowledge of the principles and practices of health care administration, fiscal management, and government regulations and reimbursements.
1. Skill in exercising a high degree of initiative, judgment, and discretion.
2. Skill in analyzing situations accurately and taking immediate and effective action.
3. Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships.
4. Skill in organizing work, delegating and achieving goals and objectives.
5. Skill in exercising judgment and discretion in developing, interpreting, and implementing departmental policies and procedures.
1. Ability to plan, organize, and integrate priorities and deadlines.
2. Ability to identify, analyze, and resolve operational problems.
3. Ability to evaluate and make recommendations for continuous quality improvement.
4. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively orally and in writing.
5. Ability to work autonomously with self-initiative.
6. Ability to manage/organize/lead employees effectively.

Equipment Operated: Standard office equipment including computers, fax machines, copiers, printers and telephones. Clinical life support equipment and equipment used to complete clinical duties such as IStat machine, autoclave and urinalysis meter.
Work Environment: Position is in a well-lighted clinical environment. Evening and weekend work will be necessary as required to facilitate uninterrupted operations of the practice.
Mental/Physical Requirements: Involves sitting approximately 70 percent of the day, walking or standing the remainder.


Full time
Salary Range
$57,000.00 - 94,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129, US