Bartender, Casablanca

Casablanca Bartender



            Extraordinary food, beverage, and ambiance become lost in the experience if extraordinary service is absent.  As a service staff member, you are responsible for the knowledge, ordering, and delivery of all options offered at Casablanca in a manner which compliments the ambiance and experience.  As Bartender, you are responsible for helping to produce exceptional beverages served to our guests.  Your knowledge and skill of the bar combined with your professionalism, attitude, and hospitality should continue to support our goal to create a sense of Paradise by Day and Night.



·       Provide an Impressive-impression that creates a sense of Paradise by Day and Night 

o   Welcome and greet all guests with with proud-enthusiasm and a smile

o   Be personable and professional during all interactions (Greeting, seating, and in passing)   

o   Provide guests with a heartfelt farewell and convey our sincere wishes for them to return again soon

o   Maintain a personal appearance that is professional and approachable 

o   Maintain a calm, professional, and positive demeanor at all times

o   Remember that the guest is always watching and listening

·       Be knowledgeable of all operational information (hours of operation, overall concept, reservation information, etc.) and be able to eloquently relay that information to guests, in person and over the phone

·       Maintain hospitality and professionalism at all times

·       Be able to convey information to management and team, completely and efficiently. 

o   Guest information (special notes-preferences, allergies, special occasions, etc.)

o   Guest Issues 

o   Facility issues (tables, chairs, server stations, etc.)

·       Be knowledgeable of all products served

o   Food Menu

§  Descriptions and ingredients

§  Allergy information

§  Modification restrictions 

§  Up-sell opportunities 

o   Beverage Menu

§  Descriptions and ingredients

§  Allergy information

§  Modification limitations

§  Up-sell opportunities 

o   Amenities, specials, and promotions

·       Know and perform Sequence of Service to standard

·       Ability to properly produce items on the beverage menu

o   Properly building, mixing, pouring and garnishing all beverages per standard

·       Ability to properly and efficiently take, order, and deliver a guests order with all proper instructions and considerations

·       Provide exceptional service and experience 

·       Perform all opening and closing duties per instruction and to standard set by Managment

·       Ability to work well in a team environment and an attitude that reflects your willingness

·       Be available to assist all guests and team whenever needed


Full time
Salary Range
$17,000.00 - 27,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
Dallas, TX 75208, US