Electrical Engineer


Applies accepted electrical design standard operating procedures to assigned projects. Ensures all assigned sections of projects meet the proposed budget, schedule, and technical objectives.

Essential Functions

  1. Assists Project Manager in developing machine control concepts and estimates.
  2. Assists Project Manager in writing technical section of proposals.
  3. Assists Project Manager with presentation of project concepts.
  4. Assists Sales with selling the company's capabilities.
  5. Develops project schedules and milestones.
  6. Monitors project for scope changes and reports them to Project Manager.
  7. Monitors detail design of project.
  8. Reviews and updates technical objectives of project with Project Manager, salesperson and clients.
  9. Provides electrical drawing package that complies with the section's standard operating procedures.
  10. Performs electrical design calculations.
  11. Specifies electrical control hardware.
  12. Utilizes AutoCAD drafting skills.
  13. Electrically and logically interfaces electrical components.
  14. Applies motion control hardware to system design.
  15. Writes PLC, motion control, operator interface software to meet project requirements.
  16. Provides checking function of electrical print package and technical support to electrical designers.
  17. Assists with electrical fabrication coordination support.
  18. Assists with system development at the company's and the client's facility.
  19. Assists with system installation support.
  20. Stays current concerning technological developments, design practices and manufacturing.
  21. Additional duties as needed and assigned.
  22. Travel on an as required basis.

Qualifications and Skills


1. Familiarization with NEC, JIC, and other accepted codes and practices.

2. Exposure to accepted electrical fabrication practices.

3. Experience with using AutoCAD for design work.

4. Broad background in industrial control hardware.

5. Demonstrated ability to program industrial control hardware, PLC's, motion control, operator interface terminals, and data acquisition equipment.

6. Working knowledge of Windows based personal computers and software.

7. Must possess ability to perform complex analysis, plan and perform a wide variety of duties, and have exceptional judgment with experience as a team leader.

8. Good oral and written communication skills.

9. Good organizational skills.

Full time
Salary Range
$57,000.00 - 81,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
Moline, IL 61266, US