Mid-Level Medical Provider


Job Purpose

Provide urgent and non-urgent health care for individuals in the Urgent and Primary Care Practice commensurate with training and in accordance with the general policies and standards of practice, as established by the clinic. Delivers care appropriate for an out-patient, urgent care with a multicultural patient population. Elicits detailed patient histories and conducts complete physician examinations. Reaches diagnosis and orders appropriate laboratory tests and referrals, etc., as well as counsels' patient and family on health and disease.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide all provider care generally provided at an ambulatory care facility, on an outpatient basis and such pre-operative care in minor surgery normally performed on an outpatient basis.
  • Responsible for the delivery of care, treatment, and referrals. Arrange for referral resources for those medical specialties not provided by the Corporation for patients of the clinic.
  • Evaluate patients, based on medical training and/or specialty, to determine the medical condition of the patient, through the performance of physical examinations, thereby, establishing a diagnosis and proposed treatment plan.
  • Maintain high standard of medical practice and participate in the training development of the medical team. Assist in medical education of both the patients and clinic staff.
  • Facilitates the patient's transition within and between health care settings; refer and transfer patients for specialty care, provide follow-up care and discharge patients.
  • As a member of the health care team, exemplify an example in attitude toward patients and staff, thereby, performing duties with respect, dignity, privacy, and modesty to the patients.
  • Participate in the development of clinic protocols and formulary. Make recommendations, suggestions, etc., on chart information forms.
  • Fulfill 40 hours of Continuing Education Credits within each twelve (12) month period. Attend professional conventions and seminars, participate in professional societies, and do all things reasonable, necessary and desirable to maintain and improve his/her professional skills
  • Document each on site/in office procedure, prescription, consultation and patient contact in patient's chart, within a 48-hour period.
  • Counsel patient regarding medical and other problems which might affect patient's health and well-being.
  • Perform such clinical procedures for patient's benefit which are within scope and skill of practitioner and which are economically feasible.
  • Prepare forms, letters, and examinations on behalf of patients for workmen's compensation, injuries and illnesses, etc.
  • Provide direction and leadership to the clinic's medical support staff, with regard to the administering of a patient's care.
  • Any additional duties as assigned
. Requirements:


Qualifications include:

  • Active FL license as a Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, or Medical Doctor which includes dispensing of medications, and prescribing of controlled substances.
  • Certified Medical Examiner of the Department of Transportation.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and empathy towards patients.
  • Must be able to relate to culturally diverse patients and community.
  • Able to develop teaching and counseling sessions, as needed.
  • Must be able to adapt to changing situations and circumstances.
  • Must be willing and able to assume and delegate the needs of clinic patients, as a member of the health care team.
  • Scheduling flexibility is required to be able to rotate hours and shifts, if needed, and to be called during emergency situations to provider coverage.
  • Ability to perform minor procedures such as laceration repair, splinting, incision and drainage, wound care, ear irrigation, pelvic exams, etc.

Working conditions

This position may require evening, weekend, or holiday work. This position requires many hours in a sitting or standing position. This position may require travel to various office locations.



Full time
Chiefland, FL 32626, US