RN - Home Care (Hospital Based)

The RN Liaison will facilitate patient referral through home care process. The RN Liaison will coordinate referral details between and among hospital case management and home care referral department. The RN Liaison will transfer patients from hospital to home care services by establishing and maintaining relationships with referring hospitals; consulting with nursing, social services, hospital business office, physical and occupational therapy, and other support services.
  • Serves as consultant to other professionals including the hospital staff and physicians by providing clinical expertise in the area of home health care.
  • Coordinates the completion of the admission process and ensures that appropriate resources are obtained for a successful transfer to home care.
  • Assesses potential patient's condition and past medical history and obtains appropriate documentation to support home care eligibility.
  • Acts as liaison between hospital, physicians, nursing homes, and home care to resolve problems, provide information, and maintain positive relationships.
  • Provides the receiving team with appropriate information to facilitate continuity of care.
  • Report to Home Care Referral Department @ 0800 AM, obtain list of active referrals @ CFH for that date
  • Collaborate with referral staff any new patient that will require instruction on enteral feedings or administration of IV infusions. Monitor status of these patients to ensure instruction is provided prior to patient being discharged.
  • Meet with Case Managers on a daily basis to ensure accurate and up to date information for current home care referrals, round with case managers on their respective floors once patient has chosen Carle as their home care provider
  • Liaison to introduce self and her role to each active home care referral, Liaison to explain role of home care, verify skilled need and home bound status, and to verify correct address and phone number for patient.
  • At the end of day, liaison to update referral staff with anticipated discharges and any all potential concerns or barriers related to home care staff providing care to patient.
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