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MES Peer Review Services is an Independent Medical Examination (IME) and Peer Review organization under the Examworks corporation. Peer Review Services is a division of MES located in Massachusetts, but we service many national insurance carriers across the country.
We are currently seeking actively practicing Board Certified Internal Medicine physicians, licensed in one or more of the follow states (CA, TX, TN)
to perform peer reviews.

Case review types generally include: Precertifications / Prior Authorizations / Initial, Concurrent, Retrospective, and all levels of Appeals.

The cases are sent to you by our Registered Nurses.
The RN assigns the case based upon your specialty. Turnaround times (TAT) vary based on the needs of our clients.
The medical records sent to you are kept to a minimum and TAT is quick.
Adhering to TAT is critical due to regulatory and client requirements. All cases must be completed and submitted online via our secure web site.
On each referral the forms will indicate required TAT and any case specifications that must be followed. Every referral will include contact information as well as a template to provide direction on format.

Generally, a review requires you to respond to only one or two questions. Your clinical rationale must support your responses, and must be based on objective findings as well as evidence-based.
Occasionally cases have more questions and will require more time, but you would have the opportunity to decline those in advance if you desire.
Some cases also require attending physician contact, which you would be made aware of in advance.

If you would like some additional information for review or would be interested in pursuing this opportunity, please contact Linda French, Physician Recruitment Supervisor with MES Solutions Peer Review Services.

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