Community Builder - Vietnamese or Cantonese Speaker

Who We Are

Mutual Housing California was created in 1988 to catalyze revitalization of low-income communities by strengthening neighborhood assets—both through housing and resident involvement. The organization formed as a partnership of neighborhood residents, business representatives, housing advocates, and local government.

For more than 30 years, Mutual Housing California has developed, operated and advocated for sustainable housing that builds strong communities through resident participation and leadership development. Currently, more than 3,000 residents live in over one thousand apartments and townhomes operated by our organization. Our residents describe our properties as safe, clean, community-oriented, and inclusive. Over the past few years we have expanded our geographic service area, moved into green property development, and increased our portfolio of affordable housing.

At the heart of our work is a desire to build resident-led and resident-directed communities. Our unique commitment to resident leadership is best embodied by our dynamic community development team. This group of full-time employees is embedded in our communities and works hand-in-hand with our residents to grow their individual leadership and engage the entire resident population.

To support these exciting efforts, we are seeking a passionate individual to join our team as a community builder.

Our Culture

We are an organization of diverse and collaborative individuals, driven to do our best work together to create stronger, more stable communities for all. Our work is challenging and fast-paced, but we are flexible and use each other purposefully. We care about the success of the organization, as well as the livelihood of our colleagues, and we truly believe in and support work-life balance; an enriching personal life energizes your work.

We don't let issues lie; we are good listeners, direct communicators, and value open dialogue. We don't shy away from engaging in productive conflict which helps us improve and better meet the needs of our communities. We are a learning organization, and therefore, expect you to think critically about your work and the work of the organization. If you are creative and want to be innovative in your work, there is room for you in this organization to contribute and test your ideas. Finally, we trust you. People in our organization are empowered to create their best work environment.

Your Role

Each member of the community building team is responsible for working with 2-3 housing communities. Within the communities you are assigned to, you will have the following responsibilities:

1) You will build relationships with residents and partners. The community builder is the connective tissue within each housing community. You will be responsible for connecting with residents on a one-to-one basis and in group settings to better understand and support their needs and dreams. Building trust with residents will be critical as you will be charged with facilitating their leadership and strategically deploying it to strengthen the community. You will also be responsible for building relationships with Mutual Housing community partners (schools, nonprofits, other civic leaders, etc.) so that you can nimbly operate within the housing community's ecosystem.

Within this area, sample tasks include, but are not limited to:

• Meeting with residents one-to-one to understand them and help connect them with leadership opportunities;

• Creating and implementing orientation procedures to welcome new residents into the community; and

• Connecting residents and communities with one another who share similar passions and can learn from one another and collaborate on projects.

2) You will help residents navigate systems to connect them with resources. Each resident is unique and can benefit from an array of government services and community programs. You will be responsible for helping individual residents and groups of residents better understand the opportunities available to them and access appropriate opportunities. You will work in conjunction with the Community Building Manager, programs and community organizing staff to ensure that residents have access to and are utilizing community resources.

Within this area, sample tasks include, but are not limited to:

• Supporting residents in developing programs for themselves and peer residents;

• Working with Mutual Housing programs staff and community based organizations to coordinate on-site programs;

• Working with Mutual Housing's social work interns to refer individual residents to particular services that can meet their needs; and

• Helping resident members understand systems and how they affect their communities and families.

3) You will develop resident leadership skills. Residing at a Mutual Housing community should be an opportunity for personal, professional, and communal advancement. As the community builder, you will be responsible for creating and maintaining an environment where residents can expand their opportunities and those of the greater community.

Within this area, sample tasks include, but are not limited to:

• Collaborating with resident leaders to maintain a resident council and Resident Impact Committee to discuss issues of importance to the community;

• Investing in community-wide volunteers;

• Helping residents identify and deploy their skills and talents to benefit their community;

• Facilitating formal and informal leadership training to prepare residents to support their community; and

• Working with community organizers and programs staff to provide opportunities for leadership development in their communities.

4) You will work together with residents to create Mutual Housing communities where people feel safe, respected, connected and where they also feel like they belong.

Within this area, sample tasks include, but are not limited to:

• Working with residents to plan and implement social events for the entire community;

• Maintaining regular communication with the on-site property manager;

• Creating opportunities for residents to come together in affinity groups such as elders, parents, teens, veterans;

• Working with residents to plan and implement activities and events that support multi-national, multi-generational, and multi-cultural connections; and

• Working with residents to create safe spaces for the community to hold hard conversations about diversity, inclusion and social justice.

Salary Range: $40,000 - $46,000 per year


Full time
per Year
Sacramento, CA 95826, US