Warehouse Coordinator

Warehouse Coordinator



Duties include:
1. Initiating and recording actions to support the Food Safety Management System
2. Ensuring that all Purchase Orders are received and entered into the system.
3. Signing in incoming truck drivers, obtain a pickup number, trailer number, and other information.
4. Assigning pickup/delivery station (dock doors). Receive raw materials and physically verify all paperwork is correct versus incoming materials. Resolve any discrepancies between paperwork and product received.
5. Checking for valid certificates of analysis and compare to labels on the product. Managing the palletization process for all incoming orders.
6. Performing daily inventory counts of raw materials and finished goods. (end of run)
7. Entering all information ERP system for deliveries and shipments. Complete receipts and enter them into the computer.
8. Ensuring complete and accurate paperwork before signing the driver out by physically verifying all paperwork is correct versus outbound shipments.
9. Distributing bills of lading as necessary.
10. Completing pallet reports, tracking incoming and outgoing inventories for all customers.
11. Tracking total cases shipped per day.
12. Managing 3rd party website for incoming orders.
13. Ensuring pallet tags for customer distribution center orders are correct.
14. Check the accuracy of staged orders.
15. Performing other clerical duties as assigned such as typing, filing, answering the phone.
16. Performing special projects as assigned.
17. Shipping items transactions performed in SAP
18. Responsible for housekeeping on the docks.
19. Unloading trucks (if necessary)
20. Counting pallets, slip sheets (dunnage) for shipment.
21. Rotating raw material on a first-in, first-out basis.
22. Moving raw material to the proper place for storage and warehousing.

REM-01 WS-01 WS-LC


Shift start: 7:00AM
Shift length: 8.5 hours
Monday - Friday

  • Health, dental, vision insurance - available after 90 days
  • Paid time off
  • 401(k) plan

  • Must pass drug screen
  • Must pass background check
  • Can lift 50 lbs
  • Must be at least 18+ years old
Knowledge of ISO22000, GMPs standards Excellent barcoding, labeling, and data entry/computer skills. Must maintain forklift license in good standing At least 3 years experience in Inventory and warehousing preferred. SAP experience

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