Line Cook BOH fine taiwanese cusine

There are lots of places are hiring, you want to find a place with proven records of they take care of their staff even during the pandemic year, they keep growing strong and is community's favorite. They are the on the coolest popup list. They are top restaurants.  You want to choose a place where customers always so eager want to stop by kitchen and thank to each team members -- this is the place that will reconnect you with why you want to cook food for people.

Good To Eat Dumplings and Beer bar is a unique place co-operated by two businesses -- customers come for craft food and craft dumplings, enjoying quality artisan food and craft beer on tap. Our food and beer are both elegant, have great quality and beautiful presentation. Our service is attention to detail, and customers come here to treat themselves with high quality food.  Good To Eat is a women-led, queer-owned and immigrant owned business. We operate with conscious working culture.

We are hiring PM line cook to join our team

Job Responsibility:
1. Do prepping before the opening - includes chopping, slicing... cleaning veggies, making dumplings ......
2. cook : including pan-frying, deep frying, noodle cooking.  Our cooking require attention to details. to read ticket without expo, cook to order, and finish garnish by yourself.
4. cleaning kitchen with team members while closing
5. Our operation hours:  Tuesday 4-10,Wednesday 4-10, Thursday 4-10 , Friday 12-10, Saturday 12-10, Sunday 12-10.  your shift will be from these times. 
6. You need to commit at least 20 hours to start

You will be a good fit if:
- You are tired of typical kitchen issues where most of people don't really care about food and customers. you want to find a place where all the team member really care about food, customers, and love creating beautiful food.
- You love to work at a place that everyone always love to help each other and reach the goal together with team spirit
- you prefer work with independent own restaurant with craftmanship spirit. Rather than cook ok food.
- you want to work at a restaurant that is keep growing, it's not possible to fire you when business slow down
- you want to learn dumplings, craft-level Taiwanese food.

When apply, please attach resume and cover letter of why you want to join this awsome team
*No cover letter will not be reviewed. thank you.

Full time
Oakland, CA 94607, US