Line/Prep Cook

* Are you a line or prep cook with at least two solid years of experience under your apron?
* Are you awesome?
* How do you feel about cooking for other people?
* Does the thought of creating face-meltingly delicious, gorgeous dishes, really get yer motor running?
* Do you like stuff? (We're only asking because we happen to like stuff, so we might be compatible.)
* Are you one of those motivated, hard-working types whom your peeps can always count on?
* What are your thoughts on the movie "Big Trouble in Little China"? (Feel free to answer in essay format)
* (...did we already ask you if you like stuff?)

Then holy crap why aren't you working here already?!?

At Acorn & the Oak we offer generous wages (everybody here gets paid above minimum wage to start) plus tip sharing, shift meals, and an über-positive work environment.

We're looking for someone with a phenomenal work ethic, a genuine love of food, and a positive, humble attitude (can’t be too proud to wash a dish - we all do it here from time to time, including both owners).

Currently we're looking for someone who’d be open to working 4 days a week, from Thursday to Sunday. Longer hours each day, but a three day weekend every week. Not too shabby. Oh! And our menu is a mix of fancier small plates, big hearty supper club entrees, cheese & charcuterie boards, and classic & craft cocktails.

Look forward to hearing from you and possibly working with you! Send us those resumes and cover letters. And check out our Instagram or Facebook page to see what we're all about.
Acorn & the Oak
Full time
Camas, WA 98607, US