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Restaurant Server

Counter / Server

$10 +tips

Counter: Service at the counter; Walk-Ins, Pick-Ups, To-Go, Slices, Rolls, Beverages and Packaged Goods. Heavy emphasis on customer service.
Tables: The waiting and care of the Dine-In tables in Pizza Masters; prompt waiting, bussing, and cleaning is expected, another emphasis is on customer face-to-face interaction.
Orders to Stay: All initial orders need to be placed at the counter, it is the customer’s preference to pre-pay or pay afterwards. (Immediate payment is preferred) The customer is then given a number to bring to their table. Once the order is taken, a receipt must be printed out for whomever is on Table Duty, who will then use the receipt (and number) to set up the customer, as well as bring them bread / beverages from Renato’s (if needed). The customer is then treated in regular restaurant fashion, with the server running their orders and bringing the check as needed.   
Pick-Up/To-Go: Pick-up orders will be called in over the phone, then once they are ready, brought to the Pick-up Counter. This will be the responsibility of the counter person as well as the dispatcher, as the dispatcher is responsible for all food bagged in the outgoing kitchen. To-go orders may be placed at either counter, although we try to encourage the whole transaction at the Pick-up Counter. Due to the printer setup, dispatchers will not be able to see a full to-go order, as only the relevant tickets will pass through their station. It is the counter person’s responsibility to assemble the correct to-go orders.
Pizza Masters
Jersey City, NJ 07390, US