Pre-Pack Associate


The Supply Chain Associate is the first high-volume quality control check out of the warehouse. The Supply Chain Associate is responsible for: prepackaging bulk product and join production that ensures standardized and accurate inventory across all locations of the organization; maintaining adequate prepackaged flower and prerolls levels ready for distribution and sale; applying prepackaging labels to ensure compliant business operations. The Supply Chain Associate works directly with the Supply Chain Manager to communicate feedback that aids in the progression of the department. Responsibility may include safely and compliantly deliver all finished product to storefronts. This include flower, concentrates and any wholesale deliveries.


  • Adheres to company mission statement and core values and maintains high ethical standards and professionalism in all business interactions
  • Preserves product quality throughout Processing Facility, able to monitor less ideal product and take appropriate action to correct quality issues
  • Applies prepackaging labels on all compliant containers with product inside
  • Ensures that prepackaged flower and/or prerolls are within the acceptable range of variance
  • Responsible for a clean and tidy workplace by sweeping, mopping and sanitizing work area
  • Understands other employees may be present during hours of operation, maintains a courteous and professional work environment and interaction
  • Communicates necessary material stock levels to Supply Chain Manager for reorder
  • Reference to Cultivation SOPs; especially pertaining to contamination prevention
  • May not have home grow or any interaction with outside grow facility
  • All other duties as assigned


Full time
per Hour
Commerce City, CO 80022-4843, US