Airline Passenger Service Supervisor


Serves as a working shift Supervisor for daily operations. Directs, trains, and coordinates an assigned shift for services provided to airlines and charter aircraft. Lead by example, exemplifying integrity, professionalism and excellent communication skills. Motivate to achieve results while leading people fairly and with respect. Must be totally committed to the importance of serving the customer and have an excellent customer service focus.


Plans, organizes, directs, and participates in the Passenger Service operations for both contracted commercial flights and charter aircraft. Service operations include passenger check-in, security screening, baggage transfers to and from aircraft, aircraft deicing, aircraft cleaning, lavatory services, and aircraft power unit hookups.

Directs and trains assigned Agents. Training includes new employee training and on-going in-service training, including monthly compliance and yearly safety training. Maintains required training records. Implements departmental policy as directed for operations. Advises the Customer Service or General Manager on policy issues, including making recommendations and decisions as appropriate and developing more efficient methods of operations as needed.

Coordinates Services activities with air carrier personnel, station managers, and representatives of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as required for assigned shift.

Participates in the operation and training of various types of equipment, including, but not limited to, aircraft loading bridges, baggage tugs and carts, belt loaders, electric carts, lavatory carts, portable water carts, air starts, tow bars and portable stairs in and around aircraft. Ensures equipment is always maintained in good working order.

Ensures compliance with current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and TSA security regulations, airline corporate rules and regulations, directives and procedures. Implements necessary changes in operations as directed. Attends regular and as- needed meetings.

Maintains emergency checklists and supplies.

Prepares and submits timely verbal and written reports related to service activities, training demonstrations and Agents as required.

Coordinates communications between Airport, airline dispatch personnel and flight captain, including, but not limited to, information related to passenger manifests, weight/balance, fueling requirements, on/off times, uplift, flight release and weather packages.

Updates Multi-User Flight Information Display System (MUFIDS) as required.


Attention to detail;

Follow oral and written instructions;

Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing;

Deal effectively and courteously with co-workers and customers;

Exercise sound, independent judgment;

Analyze situations and problems with a results-oriented focus;

Resolve conflict effectively;

Identify and evaluate solutions, and effectively implement determined action;

Present an overall professional image;

Model and promote acceptance and respect for differences among employees;

Perform effectively as a member of the team in carrying out both the TDA stated mission and philosophy and the TDA. client’s goals and objectives.

Be pleasant with others on the job and display a good-natured, cooperative attitude

Be reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfill obligations.

Maintain composure, keep emotions in check, control anger, and avoid aggressive behavior even in very difficult situations

Accept criticism and deal calmly and effectively with high stress situations be open to change (positive or negative) and to considerable variety in the workplace

Willingness to take on responsibilities and challenges


Performs bending, squatting, kneeling, walking, climbing, reaching from ground level to overhead; possess ability to grip objects. Must be able to push, pull, lift and carry things such as heavy objects, luggage, and packages (up to 75 pounds) onto or from a conveyor belt. Must be able to respond to audio transmitted information or alarms; must be able to distinguish color for such things as aircraft wingtip lights and aircraft instrument panel lights; may be subject to standing for long periods of time.


Works both indoors and outdoors with exposure to extreme weather conditions as well as dust and pollen; subject to a variety of mechanical, electrical, chemical, toxic waste and other safety hazards associated with or working around aircraft, vehicles, equipment, fuel etc.; subject to constant and extreme noise, strong odors, fumes and poor lighting due to working at night; possible exposure to disease due to aircraft lavatory work.


Education, Experience and Training: Requires a 1-year of experience in the aviation industry. At least 6 months of the experience must be equivalent to an Airline Service Agent to include ticketing and/or Ramp Services support. Must receive initial/advanced Operations Services training required by the individual airlines within probationary period.

Knowledge: Thorough working knowledge of the types of aircraft used at the station. Thorough working knowledge of current FAA/TSA security directives & the procedures affecting operations as well as general procedures for passenger processing and baggage transfers.

Licensing/Certification: Must possess a valid Driver’s License; must obtain and maintain a current Complaint Resolution Official (CRO) certificate when required by individual airlines companies; a Ground Security Coordinator certificate with certification for aircraft over 61 seats within the probationary period; must possess the following certificate of training upon hire: De-Icing/Anti-Icing if required, Security Search, and Security Exit Door training.

Miscellaneous Requirements: Must successfully pass a background investigation with a fingerprint-based criminal records check in accordance with Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1542, and Airport Security, as required by the Transportation Security Administration. Must pass periodic random drug testing as required in 49 Code of Federal Regulations Part 40 for safety-sensitive employees. Must be able to work a variety of assigned shifts including evenings and weekends. Subject to emergency call-in.


Full time
Salary Range
$37,000.00 - 78,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
Columbus, OH 43219, US