CREA Internship Program in NYC

Founded in 2000, CREA is a feminist human rights organization based in New Delhi, India. It is one of the few international women's rights organizations based in the global South, led by Southern feminists, which works at the grassroots, national, regional, and international levels. Together with partners from a diverse range of human rights movements and networks, CREA works to advance the rights of women and girls and the sexual and reproductive freedoms of all people.

CREA advocates for positive social change through national and international fora, and provides training and learning opportunities to global activists and leaders through its Institutes.

Key areas of work for the Internship Program:

- Desk Research on statistics, data and quantitative findings available from secondary resources (research studies, reports, journals, papers, etc) on status of adolescent girls and young women in India – Jharkhand, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh – related to early and child marriage, violence, gender-based discrimination, education, nutrition, health, access to technology, participation in sports, livelihood, skills building and career opportunities.

- Content Development for the SELF Academy communication products (website, social media, brochures, booklet, etc). These will highlight the quantitative research along with qualitative data and information available from CREA on the SELF Academy with the objective of producing relevant, evidence-based, attractive and targeted branding and messaging for fundraising for the SELF Academy.

- Content printing and production for all content developed for the SELF Academy. The intern will be responsible for ensuring all communication outputs are finalized, developed and disseminated with a specific focus to reach and influence individual donors and high net worth individuals in the USA.

- Coordinating targeted meetups and events with individual donors and high net worth individuals in the USA to raise funds and resources for the SELF Academy. The first meet up is scheduled for October 2017. The intern will be responsible for ensuring this is organized, managed and executed as per the desired objectives.

- Documentation and Reporting of all assigned tasks and activities to ensure detailed notes are available to all CREA team members.
Part time
Salary Range
$37,000.00 - 72,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
New York City, NY 10075, US