Assistant Manager


The Assistant Manager is responsible for managing the daily operations of a single restaurant, in accordance with company QSC standards as defined by the Operations Manual, for an assigned shift or in the Restaurant General Manager’s absence.  This position is the second of three levels in the Restaurant Management chain of command.


• Supervises crew members and team leaders (2-20 people) in the preparation of menu items to
   ensure compliance with all Burger King Corporate (BKC) Operations and Sanitation standards.
   This is measured through Restaurant Progress Report (RPR), shops shift critiques, and Mystery
   Shop scores.
• Supervises hourly staff to maintain a good level of customer service and ensure orders are
   taken in a prompt, accurate and courteous manner. Resolves customer complaints as required.
• Recruits, hires, and selects crew members to ensure an adequate level of staffing and service in
   the restaurant, which is critical to maintain a productive level of operation.
• Prepares required reports mandated by RGM and Area Managers, including but not limited to:
• Daily Inventory and Cash Control Record.
• Petty Cash Voucher
• Purchase Receipt Ledger
• Notice of Disciplinary Action
• Safety Inspection List
• Bank Deposit Slips
• Payroll Transmittals
• Posting of Operational Figures
• Uniform Inventory Form
• Supervises hourly staff in the cleaning of equipment and restaurant facilities to ensure
   maintenance of sanitation standards.
• Takes inventory of stock at closing to determine ordering date and quantity of supplies required  
   to prevent shortages, along with other administrative duties as required.
• Manages cash control per the policy manual and counts cash on hand, at shift changes and at
   closing, to determine shortages or overages and prepares bank deposits.
• Manages other key controllables during a shift, such as labor, food cost, cash, and waste.
• Trains, evaluates, and completes hourly work schedule for restaurant staff. Such as:
• Critical Training Areas include:
o food preparation
o food safety
o appearance
o customer service
o suggested selling techniques
o sanitation
• Employee-related evaluations include:
o performance appraisal
o wage increases
o promotions
o suspensions
o terminations

• Helps build a positive environment for all employees that promotes the delivery of superior
   customer service.
• Responsible for training and development of Restaurant Manager 2.
• Produces restaurant schedule for product orders in accordance with prescribed guidelines and 
   assists RGM during the financial process.
• All other duties as assigned.

Full time
Jacksonville, FL 32290, US