Office Manager

Position Description: Responsible for operational effectiveness specific to order delivery management for Global Importing's portfolio of customers. Works closely with all Managers to ensure customers are being fulfilled in the most efficient way possible. Work with all teams to improve the customer experience while scaling the organization, helping establish systems and structure.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Identify potential problems and points of friction using reporting and employee/customer/supply partner feedback to maximize efficiency
  • Adapt Global Importing processes to address changes in Global Importing strategy and mode of incoming work volumes overtime to produce the best possible result for the customer
  • Ensure quality standards for Global Importing product and services are met
  • Work directly with supply partners and customers to resolve escalated concerns as needed
  • Inspire and motivate employees within a culture that encourages employee development
  • Serve as a champion of Global Importing's core cultural values and a model of professionalism in Global Importing's workplace
  • Manage the Global Importing website and marketing needs.
  • Deeply understands the customer journey and is committed to improving the customer experience wherever possible
  • Gain needed certifications for licensure compliance standards in Washington and Oregon including ensuring company is licensed and has the proper certifications
  • Responsible for the Quality Control of Office flow and staff
  • Perform all other miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned
  • Other duties may apply depends on the Company needs.


Full time
per Hour
Portland, OR 97230, US