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Prep/Line Cook

We're one of the most highly rated, most reviewed, and loved food carts for how young we are (3 years by September 25th) in the Portland metro area and all of Oregon for that matter. We do a lot of volume and although our menu is small, the things we do, we do better than anyone else.

We offer over competitive wages along with tips. This is the perfect opportunity for you if you're interested in ever owning/operating a food cart or having your own brick and mortar or even working in a kitchen. We're looking to move people from part-time to full-time and expand responsibilities and benefits as time progresses and it will progress quickly. We're looking for someone or numerous people who are extremely responsible (shows up for shifts and works them entirely) and works very hard. Compensation will start at $14+tips and will rapidly increase every three months as we recognize good talent is hard to come by and will overly compensate to keep you. We're also extremely nice and fun and it's a positive work environment, which is always a must.

Beyond working in the premier food pod of all of Portland (Hawthorne Asylum), you'll be able to watch it grow and learn a tremendous amount. You'll learn not only a smart menu (using simple ingredients maximizing taste with zero waste to maximize profits) but also our techniques for marketing (we are world class and second to absolutely none in the food cart industry). Work-learn, work-grow, work-prosper. 

Come by and talk to us with your food handler's card on you. We look forward to meeting you.

What you'll be doing:
  • Show up consistently for shifts and work the entire shifts (we'll start with 4 hour shifts (morning, lunch, dinner shifts) and expand from there unless you can handle more off the bat).
  • Prepare work stations and cooking ingredients by washing and chopping vegetables, cutting meat etc. for chefs according to instructions.
  • Maintain a clean kitchen space for other kitchen staff including washing dishes, sanitizing surfaces and fronts and insides of appliances including refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, taking out trash, cleaning stove and fume hood filters, grease traps, sweeping and mopping and undergoing a kitchen deep clean twice a month.
  • Organize inventory (ingredients).
  • Prepare samples and plate simple items including sauces and entrees.
  • Engage with customers and sell food.
  • Comply with kitchen health and sanitation guidelines. 
  • Learn to cook our dishes after 1 month - 2 months.
You come equipped with:
  • Knowledge of basic cooking techniques
  • Compliance with other restaurant staff, especially more senior chefs
  • Experience working as a prep cook
  • Great communication skills
  • Superior organizational skills
  • Good at working under pressure
Thank you so much,

Michael Singh
Founder and Owner

Part time
Portland, OR 97214, US