Maintenance Tech.-Intermediate Level-3rd Shift

Maintain equipment, building, and grounds of company property. Train other technicians

Duties and responsibilities

Preventive Maintenance on Equipment and Repairs to all Equipment:

• Grading and washing equipment.

• Packaging and sizing equipment.

• Robotic and PLC equipment. (Install and repair)

• Forklifts, pallet jacks, and battery chargers.

• Air compressors and air dryers.

• Bulk bins, conveyors, and belts.

• Cooling units, refrigeration units, and heaters.

• Other miscellaneous packaging, warehouse, and office equipment.

Maintenance and Repairs to Buildings and Other Plant Facilities:

• Roofs, doors, windows, floors, walls, ceilings, and lighting.

• Snowplowing; truck parking lot and truck scale.


Associate Degree in a related field and/or 2 to 4 years maintenance background in the following:

- Electrical wiring 3 phase 480v

- Carpentry.

- Plumbing, heating, and ventilation.

- Welding and Fabrication. ( proficient in Mig and Arc)

- Mechanical Aptitude to operate and maintain equipment in a safe, efficient, and careful manner.

- Positive attitude.

- A willingness to learn and do the work efficiently and correctly.

- Communication and supervisory skills.

- A willingness to lead and set an example.

- Flexibility in hours and work schedule.

License or Certificate Required:

- Valid driver's license.

- Forklift certified.

Working conditions

The noise volume is equal to normal plant conditions which are considered loud. Ear Plugs can be obtained from your lead person and are required when working in noisy environments.

The temperature in the warehouse is approximately 60 degrees. During the harvest months, it may be cooler, as the evaporators will be running to cool down the potatoes as they come off the fields.

The majority (two-thirds or more of your working day) of the job responsibilities will be performed around moving mechanical parts and there will also be a risk of electrical shock.

Approximately half your time you could be exposed to fumes or airborne particles, and approximately half your time you will be working in outdoor weather conditions.

Approximately one-third or less of your time will involve:

- Working around vibrations.

- A risk of radiation.

- Working with explosives, toxic or caustic chemicals.

- Working in extreme heat or cold

- Working in or on high precarious places.

- Working in wet, humid conditions (non-weather.)

Protective Clothing/Dress Code:

Safety glasses, hard hat, welding jacket, fall protection harness, earplugs, gloves, dust mask or respirator, and welding helmet. After ninety days, you will be allowed to order uniforms, not to exceed $480 per year (further explanation in policy manual). You will be expected to keep the uniforms in good repair and clean at all times.

Physical requirements

Must be able to:

- Possess knowledge about tools and various equipment that will be used.

- Need to use proper eyewear and other protective equipment at all times.

- Must be mobile and able to fit under various machinery to fix broken parts.

- Must wear glasses or contacts as required per doctor's prescription.

- Need to keep work areas clean and as safe as possible.

- Must be able to tolerate working 8-10 hour days consistently (occasionally 12 hour days when needed).

- Must be able to stand 8-10 hours per day.

- Must be able to lift or move items over 75 pounds.


Salary Range
$34,000.00 - 54,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
Friesland, WI 53923, US