Nurse (PRN)


Promotes the physical and mental health of FCH residents by applying the nursing processes. This is done as a member of the treatment team and has the goal of assisting residents to become more responsible for their own health. The nurse coordinates and monitors medical services, including psychiatric and medication services, in accord with the requirements of regulatory agencies and in response to individual resident need. The nurse also assesses staff injury, provides first aid, and helps arrange medical care with local community providers, as necessary.


• Screen resident complaints of illness and injury, providing appropriate interventions, and notification of proper personnel. Provides follow-up for illness and injury to ensure continuum of care.

• Complete initial intake assessment on new residents in required time frame.

• Provide residents with avenue to report or discuss private health matters and seek methods of resolution while maintaining client dignity and confidentiality.

• Provide on-call coverage to residential areas to assess medical needs, provide medical care after hours and on weekends. Discuss assessment findings and appropriate interventions with Evening Lead Child Care Worker, Weekend Lead Child Care Worker, or Administrative On-Call Worker after hours to provide continuous care for illness/injury. Return to facility after hours to assess and/or provide medical care for residents, or may refer resident to emergency room for treatment.

• Screen resident medical concerns; provide appropriate avenues of reconciliation for medical needs including referral to specialists as needed.

• Assist on-call or direct care staff after hours with residents in need of emergency medical care by guiding staff in appropriate First Aid measures, or helping to assess the need for emergency room treatment.

• Maintain medication delivery system that is safe and effective for residents.

• Ensure confidential results of lab work to proper channels, including notification of physicals and abnormal labs, providing copy of medical information to Master Files, and ensuring follow through with changes in medication.

• Provide initial/annual tuberculin testing for employees.

• Schedule employee physicals upon initial employment and every 2 years thereafter.

• Coordinate with the Director of Human Resources the reporting and initial treatment of staff workplace injury/illness.

• Review and maintain immunization records, provide for immunizations as required by state law and in accordance with school district policies at the local health department.

• Work closely with the primary care provider to resolve medical issues in a manner that is safe and effective for residents and cost effective for all concerned.

• Work with consulting psychiatrist to provide residents with psychiatric treatment and evaluation of medication.

• Coordinate obtaining labs and medical tests/treatment as ordered by physicians.

• Review monthly physician order statements for accuracy.

• Review medication administration records and provide documentation of errors. Keep Directors and supervisors informed of problems with the medication administration system and seek avenues of problem resolution.

• Maintain organized files including training files, physician files, and lab files.

• Advise and assist with safety/risk management and quality improvement activities related to medical and health care.

• Maintain procedures for proper disposal of medications and medical waste.

• Communicate with pharmacy and pharmacist regarding medication issues.

• Maintain nursing notes in FamCare system on residents with medical issues.

• Provide information and education to residents about sexually transmitted diseases, blood borne pathogens, drug and alcohol abuse, etc.

• Provide training for staff in medication certification/re-certification, blood borne pathogens, assessment skills, psycho tropic medications, childhood injury and illness and medical/legal issues.

• Coordinate the activity and services of other health care professionals in the work place, including prn nurses who assist in providing after-hours medical care when deemed medically necessary.

• Perform other duties as negotiated to assist in meeting agency goals and objectives.


Salary Range
$29,000.00 - 68,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
Farmington, MO 63640, US