Radiation Therapist II - Radiation Oncology

Under the direction of the Radiation Oncology Manager, the Radiation Therapist for the Radiation Oncology Department in the Hoag Family Cancer Institute of Hoag Hospital perform localizing tumors, participate in treatment planning and deliver high doses of ionizing radiation treatment to patients in accordance with prescription and instructions from Radiation Oncologists.


The Radiation Therapist II display and practice a work-style that reflects the mission, vision and values of the Department as well as the Organization. Participate in the continuous quality improvement process. Maintain a working knowledge of departmental standard operating procedures, including the use of specialized instrumentation, Quality Control requirements, and preventive maintenance.


Essential Functions

Treatment Delivery

  • Reviews daily treatment record prior to treatment.
  • Assesses daily the patient’s need for information and reassurance.
  • Verifies the accuracy of the patient setup prior to treatment delivery.
  • Verifies treatment console readouts and settings prior to initiating treatment and upon termination of treatment.
  • Ensures that only the patient is in the treatment room prior to initiating treatment.
  • Evaluates the patient daily for any untoward effects, reactions and therapeutic responses.
  • Knowledgeable of patient self-care techniques for management of radiation side effects.



  • Follows imaging protocols.
  • Develops and labels films appropriately.
  • Takes treatment portal and localization CT simulation images of usable quality.
  • Reviews portal films and initiates change as necessary.
  • Adjusts imaging techniques for optimal viewing results.


Radiation Safety

  • Adheres to radiation safety rules and standards at all time.
  • Monitors patient in treatment vault using CCTV and voice activated intercom
  • Observes the environment for any potential radiation hazards.
  • Wears radiation film badge at all times in the treatment area.
  • Minimizes patient exposure during CT imaging procedures.


Teaching and Patient Education

  • Provides information on about radiation therapy procedures to the patient, significant others and health care providers.
  • Verifies that signed consent has been obtained.
  • Provides information and instruction on proper skin care, diet and self-care procedures as needed.
  • Shares knowledge and expertise with colleagues, peers, students and all members of the health care team.
  • Orients visitors as assigned



  • Assesses the patient’s risk for allergic reaction to contrast material prior to administration for simulation.
  • Participates in decisions about appropriate simulation techniques and treatment positions.
  • Performs localization of tumor volume under the direction of the physician.
  • Selects appropriate immobilization and positioning aids for simulation.



  • Reviews patient treatment records and doses daily to ensure that treatment does not exceed prescribed dose or normal tissue tolerance.
  • Verifies the mathematical accuracy of the prescription and the daily treatment summary.
  • Positions patient in the CT scanner and places radio-opaque markers.
  • Verifies treatment plan including the use of beam shaping devices and confirms field orientation.


Block fabrication

  • Follows mould room safety including wearing gloves, safety glasses and hand washing.
  • Cleans mould room of cerrobend dust on counters, changing tacky mat, vacuum with Hepa filtered vacuum cleaner.
  • Uses safe techniques for power drill and other hand tools
  • Follows good technique in block fabrication
  • Ensures quality of block fabricated
  • Disposes of hazardous materials such as cerrobend following established guidelines.


Quality Assurance

  • Confirms the electronic chart prescription with the treatment plan’s data sheets.
  • Checks treatment plan data transferred onto treatment field parameters defined in MOSAIQ.
  • Confirms that site doses are carried for prescribed critical structures.
  • Reports deviations from the standard or planned treatment to appropriate persons.
  • Notifies appropriate health provider when immediate clinical response is necessary based on procedural findings and patient condition.
  • Maintains electronic documentation of quality assurance activities (chart rounds), procedures and results in accordance with established guidelines.
  • Accurate technical Billing procedures
  • Warmup procedures
  • Shutdown procedures


Treatment Area Coordination

  • Stocks treatment room supplies and linen
  • Assists physician in specialized procedures as needed.
  • Resolves minor technical problems in daily operations in Treatment Area.
  • Determines when to withhold treatment until a physician is contacted.
  • Determines the course of action for an emergency or problem situation.


Clinical Care:

  • Ensure that quality patient care is delivered to all patients, and the unit is maintained in accordance with professional and regulatory standards and the philosophy and goals of Hoag.
  • On call coverage as assigned.


Level I Radiation Therapist

Must be able to operate 21EX (to include warm up, shut down and machine operations). Level I Radiation Therapist is responsible for the fabricate blocks.


Level II Radiation Therapist

Level I plus. Must be able to independently operate TOMO, Agility. Must be able to provide guidance to other staff and students on 21Ex, TOMO and Agility.


Skills or Other Qualifications


  • Excellent communication skills; customer focused
  • Excellent attention to detail; able to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines
  • Strong interpersonal skills; able to work in a team environment.
  • Proven excellent customer services skills, including the ability to progressively probe, analyze, identify root causes of problems, provide practical solutions, and negotiate resolutions
  • Proficient in CT simulation techniques
  • Solid computer technical required: proficiency in Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Radiation Oncology EMR (Mosaiq).


License and Certifications


  • Licensed by the California Department of Health Services as a Radiologic Technologist (Therapeutic).
  • Licensed by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist in Radiation Therapy or equivalent as recognized by the ARRT.
  • Current Basic Life Support (BLS), approved by the American Heart Association
Salary Range
$73,000.00 - 128,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
Newport Beach, CA 92657, US