Compliance Summer Analyst

What to expect

Expect to spend ten weeks helping us deliver our strategy and achieve our goals in the right way. You’ll join a team that supports a particular division, or a team that supports the Barclays Group. Either way, you’ll be given the same responsibilities as a full-time analyst, taking on important assignments such as:

  • reviewing policy breaches to see what went wrong and to make informed recommendations 
  • drafting procedures for regulatory disclosures 
  • advising colleagues about regulation related to specific products and services
  • helping maintain the barrier between private side and public side teams
  • working closely with colleagues in Technology to represent Compliance requirements for new systems. 

Your understanding of Compliance will grow with every project, as will your knowledge of financial services regulation.

How you’ll develop

Throughout the summer, our support will help you deliver your best work. In our team-driven environment, you’ll find that mentoring happens naturally and friendships are easy to form. Senior and junior mentors will guide your progress, and networking and social events will provide a fully rounded experience. Halfway through, you’ll get constructive feedback on your performance. By the time the summer’s over, you’ll walk away with a solid understanding of our business, our culture and your potential place within it. If you perform very well and meet our hiring criteria, you could have a full-time role waiting for you after graduation.

Who thrives here

We look for resourcefulness, teamwork skills, enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial spirit, often shown through participation in extracurricular activities.


Salary Range
$52,000.00 - 119,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
Brooklyn, NY 11201, US