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Under the direction of a Registered Nurse, provides care within the scope of the Vocational Nurse Practice Act and regulatory standards. Assists in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of patient care.

Participates in maintaining a safe patient care environment. Assist with the care and maintenance of department equipment.

Complete and accurate charting of patient records.

Complete and accurate record-keeping of equipment and quality measures.

Assist the team in direct and indirect patient care as assigned by the department.

The patient population includes young adults to geriatric patients.

The LVN must collaborate with other disciplines of the health care team to ensure the delivery of care across the continuum, providing timely, safe and quality care.

Responsible for providing a safe, HIPAA compliant environment for the patient and the staff.

Demonstrates competence and sensitivity in caring for multicultural patients/families by adapting the plan of care based on cultural needs identified.

Demonstrates an ability to work in a multicultural team environment and is respectful of the cultural diversity of the workforce and the patients served.

Participates in the continuous quality improvement process.

Demonstrates effective communication, interpersonal skills, organizational ability, knowledge of proper body mechanics, safety measures and infection control, ability to follow instructions, knowledge of section specific test information and instrumentation may be required.


Job Specific Essential Functions:


  • Demonstrates competent knowledge, based on hospital policies, procedures, and standards, in the following:
  • Demonstrates an ability to organize and incorporate new routines, procedures, and skills.
  • Demonstrates skill in the use of equipment and devices pertinent to treatment, procedures, and practices.
  • Communicates changes in the patient's condition to the physician directing the care of the patient.
  • Follows the procedure in the identification of patients prior to implementing any procedures, interventions, etc
  • Provides appropriate information for all patient procedures and ensures patient/significant other understanding prior to the start of the procedure.
  • Responds to emergency situations in a timeframe appropriate to the needs of the patient.
  • Correctly collects, handles, and labels specimens utilizing Standard Precautions, as well as documenting in the patient record.
  • Adheres to Infection Control policies and procedures, follows Standard Precautions and specific isolation precautions for the prevention and spread of bloodborne pathogens and other communicable diseases
  • Recognizes that ethical/legal/medical dilemmas exist in the nursing practice and confers with the appropriate resource personnel when making ethical nursing decisions.
  • Assesses the educational ability and level for the patient population. Incorporates available educational material into patient/significant other teaching and documents understanding in patient record.
  • Provides continuity of care through implementation/utilization of the Plan of Care for the patients
  • Appropriately assesses, intervenes and cares for the adult/geriatric patient, family and significant other requiring emotional support, coping support and care for significant life changes and end of life issues.
  • Coordinates support services with Social Services, Pastoral Care, Case Management, etc.
  • Clinical Care: Ensure that quality patient care is delivered to all patients on an outpatient basis, and the unit is maintained in accordance with professional and regulatory standards and the philosophy and goals of Hoag.


Unit/Department Specific:

  • Collect and document into EMR: patient histories, vital signs, medication reconciliation, obtains current illness/complaint, allergies.
  • Equipment preparation and maintenance.
  • Remove sutures/staples from superficial incisions or lacerations assessed before and after by a licensed individual.
  • Remove bandages and dressings.
  • Prepare patients for clean and sterile/non-sterile procedures.
  • Apply orthopedic appliances.
  • Perform basic laboratory and screening tests customarily performed in an outpatient medical office.
  • Administer medication orally with the correct dose and medication verified by an authorized individual.
  • Test/procedure scheduling, appointment scheduling, scheduling of pre and post-study appointments.
  • Obtain insurance authorizations for services, tests, and procedures as necessary and processes electronic referrals
  • Provide patient education and instruction sheet as directed by licensed individuals as part of AVS.
  • Provide patients and caregivers with pre-test instructions.
  • Assist physician in rendering treatment as necessary.
  • Must be able to assist front office staff in front-office functions when necessary.
  • Prepare disability and DNV paperwork as needed.
  • Refills non-narcotic medications without changes to original prescription as directed by the physician, P.A. or N.P.
  • Appropriately communicate with pharmacies and insurance companies as needed.
  • Administer first aid and CPR in an emergency.
  • Perform blood draws with certification.
  • Administers flu shots and vaccines if the dosage is verified by a licensed professional.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Education, Training, and Experience:



  • 1-2 years in an outpatient clinic setting or healthcare-related field. 
  • Completion of an approved Vocational Nursing program and licensure.



  • Previous EPIC EMR experience.


Skills or Other Qualifications:



  • Basic keyboarding skills.
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, including Outlook, Word and Excel.
  • Excellent communication skills; customer focused; excellent attention to detail; able to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines; strong interpersonal skills; able to work in a team environment.
  • Proven ability to interface with all customer levels (physician, Organization staff, insurance companies, patient and family members)
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.
  • Demonstrates effective communication, interpersonal skills, organizational ability, knowledge of proper body mechanics, safety measures and infection control, ability to follow instructions, knowledge of the age of population served, and additional skills and knowledge of equipment may be required for hire into some patient care departments.



  • Knowledge of registration and order entry systems.
  • Knowledge of patient scheduling and insurance verification and authorization.
  • Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, including Outlook, Word and Excel.


License and Certifications:



  • Current Vocational Nursing License
  • Current BLS certification
Salary Range
$40,000.00 - 53,000.00
per Year
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Newport Beach, CA 92657, US